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4th Annual Braniff Undergraduate Conference in the Liberal Arts

4th Annual Braniff Undergraduate Conference in the Liberal Arts | The Good Life | Feb. 4-5, 2022

The Braniff Graduate Student Association of the University of Dallas is pleased to announce the fourth annual Braniff Undergraduate Conference in the Liberal Arts. This conference aims to recover and renew the Western heritage of liberal arts and the Christian intellectual tradition in pursuit of eudaimonia, the good life.

The conference will take place at the University of Dallas, located in Irving, TX.

Plenary Speaker: Dr. Richard Dougherty, Ph.D. | University of Dallas

Richard Dougherty


Dr. Dougherty is the Graduate Director of the Politics Program and an Associate Professor of Politics at the University of Dallas. He received his doctorate from the University of Dallas. His research interests include medieval political philosophy, Constitutionalism and American politics, the Presidency, and the American founding.



Keynote Speaker: Dr. Bernadette Waterman Ward, Ph.D. | University of Dallas

Waterman Ward


Dr. Waterman Ward is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Dallas. She earned her Ph.D. from Stanford University. Her research interests include Gerard Manley Hopkins and John Henry Newman.




Call for Papers

We invite juniors, seniors, and recent college graduates with a love for the liberal arts to submit papers of no more than 2500 words. Preference will be given to papers conversant with the great works of the Western tradition. 

We welcome presentations in liberal arts disciplines including—but not limited to—philosophy, literature, politics, theology, classics, fine art, history, education, psychology, and economics, and drawing from the classical, medieval, modern, or contemporary period.

Submissions are due no later than November 30th, 2021. Presenters will be notified of their acceptance by December 15th, 2021. This conference is for undergraduate scholars and recent graduates only, and as such no submissions by graduate students will be accepted.

The CFP flyer can be found here.

Conference Program

See full schedule here.

Previous Conferences

    • 1st Annual BUCLA, University of Dallas | Keynote Speaker: Susan Hanssen, Ph.D.
    • 2nd Annual BUCLA, University of Dallas | Keynote Panel: Joshua Parens, Ph.D., Richard Dougherty, Ph.D., Gilbert Garza, Ph.D., Kathryn Davis, Ph.D., Fr. Thomas Esposito, O. Cist.
    • 3rd Annual BUCLA, Virtual | Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kathryn Davis, Ph.D.