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Community Engaged Data Collection


Crossroads ClientCare Longitudinal (CCL) Database is our prototype of a successful community engaged data collection effort. The data is collected by Crossroads volunteers, owned and maintained by Crossroads. CARE serves in a consultative role and provides training about important issues such as protection of human subjects, data integrity, and use of validated scales and questionaires. CARE also provides data monitoring to help insure data reliability and integrity.

Below you can find important resources for help initiate and/or improve your own community engaged data collection.

Survey Instruments

Training Resources

Data Monitoring

Qualitative and quantitative data monitoring is essential to maintaining data integrity in the community engaged data collection setting. Qualitative data monitoring is done through observations. We have created a CCL Database monitoring checklist to improve consistency across multiple observers and to train non-research staff in how to provide productive input into the data monitoring process. Quantitative data monitoring is done quarterly by examining summary reports of key outcomes measured in the CCL Database.