Boards & Cyber-Vulnerability

Do you know your Board's role in cyber-security strategy?

Jointly offered by the University of Dallas and ConfluCore, LLP.

Organizations are increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks. Companies are educating technical professionals to enhance security. But they should be aware that enterprise security issues are more behavioral and cultural than technical. This is the realm of Boards of Directors and C-level Executives. Boards are now liable for breaches and their actions will be increasingly scrutinized. ConfluCore and University of Dallas have developed workshops specifically for Board Members, and Senior Executives who work with Boards, to enhance their cyber-awareness, learn frameworks for developing policies, and create response plans when cyber incidents happen.

Class Schedule & Registration Information

Dates: June 19, 2017 (Monday)

Times: 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. (Sign-in between 8:30-9:00 a.m.)

Tuition: $195 per participant (includes breakfast)

Discounts: Information found below.

Location: University of Dallas Campus – 1845 E. Northgate Drive, Irving, TX 75062

Classroom: SB Hall – Multipurpose Room #122

Attire: Business casual.

To register online click here.

Registration Deadline: By 4:00 p.m., June 14, 2017.

Seats are limited.  Enrollment is on first-come, first-served basis.

To download an executive flyer, click here.

Still have questions? Contact Us.

For queries, please contact either of the following:

Jennifer Howard: 972-721-5299 or email:

 Who should attend?

For Board Members and C-level executives
A crucial role for Boards is to protect the sensitive information of the organization. This program is the first step in their learning the “what” and “how” of cyber-vulnerability.

Learning Outcomes

This course will teach participants the following:

• Understanding Board responsibility for protecting sensitive information.
• Differentiating across popular terms: cyber-security, vulnerability, security incident, hack, data breach, etc.
• The Board’s role in an overall enterprise Cyber-Security Strategy – and what to do when there is a breach.
• The SIGOMOTM Approach: Key issues with the value chain – suppliers through customers – ensuring best possible data protection.

 Discounts Available

$100 off per participant for the following:

  • Organizations nominating 3 or more participants
  • Early birds, registering by May 31, 2017
  • NACD members
  • JAS members
  • Business Navigator members
  • Alumni of Harvard University, MIT, and University of Dallas
  • Clients of ConfluCore, LLP
  • Southlake Focus Group

Program Faculty

Opening keynote speaker: Mr. Zulfi Ahmed, Senior VP & Global CISO, MetLife, New York

Workshop Leaders:

  • Brett J.L. Landry, Ph.D., CISSP, Dean and Professor of Cybersecurity, University of Dallas, Satish & Yasmin Gupta College of Business
  • Michael Savoie, Ph.D., Partner, Conflucore, LLP., Irving
  • Mr. Aslam Sherule, ex-Verizon Architect & Business Leader

Withdraw and Refund Policy

Participants may withdraw in writing by emailing Jennifer Howard. The refund schedule is as follows:

4 weeks before first day of course: 90% refund (10% kept for administrative charges)

3 weeks before first day of course: 50% refund

2 weeks before first day of course: 25% refund

No refund for cancellations after June 6, 2017


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