Matrix Exhibitions & Demonstrations

Matrix Exhibitions & Demonstrations

Kathryn Polk - 2014

Kathryn Polk

Keiji Shinohara - 2013 

Keiji Shinohara

Keiji Shinohara

Mario Kiran - 2012 

Mario Kiran

Nick Conbere - 2012 

Nick Cobere

Joseph Lappie - 2009

Joseph Lappie


When Foresight Is 20/20: Endowment Gains 27 Percent in One Stroke Thanks to $10 Investment 24 Years Ago

At a time when many small liberal arts universities are struggling, the University of Dallas has some good news to offer: The strategic sale of the apartment complex owned by the university for 24 years has increased the endowment by nearly 27 percent, or $16 million, bringing the current value to over $76 million. Further, this increase is predicted to eventually generate an additional $800,000 annually for UD's operations, capital and maintenance budgets.

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