On behalf of the entire economics faculty (all four of us!), we are pleased to commission the very first installment of the Economics Department Newsletter! We hope this newsletter serves as a first step in building stronger links to connect all of us. We also have some plans in the works for additional connections — many will have to wait until social distancing is a thing of the past — but please do stay tuned and reach out to us. We love to hear from you!

We have created an alumni page on the UD Economics Department website. From there is a link where you can upload any news you have to share … and feel free to share news about your fellow classmates along with their contact information so that we can reach out personally. 


Tammy Leonard
Chair, Economics Department

"Staring at Screens (Or What I Did This Summer)"

The pandemic has succeeded in introducing new modes of teaching for all of us. Dr. Weston reflects on this new reality of “Staring at Screens (Or What I Did This Summer),” where he rightfully reasons that …“emotional realism makes the stories resonate. … I have no time for anyone who deliberately obfuscates with doubletalk or distractions. In the end, I seek beauty … well past the superficial magazine-cover approach.”

A Few Words From Dr. Ramos

Congratulations to Dr. Ramos on her new book titled Shifting Capital: Mercantilism and the Economics of the Act of Union of 1707. She has other news to share as well.

A Little About Dr. Kass

Dr. Malcolm Kass has been a member of the UD Economics Department the past few years, but this fall he has officially joined us long term as a tenure-track faculty member. We are so grateful for his contributions to our department.

Faculty Research: Racial Preferences in the Housing Market

Dr. Leonard’s work continues to explore the historical causes and contemporary implications of housing market outcomes on the intergenerational transfer of wealth and economic mobility. Her recent paper documenting racial disparities in neighborhood house prices was published this summer.

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