Language and Area Studies

Language and Area Studies

For students who wish to focus on the culture and history of a country of langauge group, it is possible to pursue a Concentration in Area Studies. Students complete three upper-division courses in one language/literature, plus two related courses (in history, art, economics, etcetera).

Planning is particularly imporant for this concentration, since related course offerings for a given country are limited. An Area Studies Concentration is possible in Classics, French, German, Italian and Spanish. 


Former Arlington Lieutenant Becomes UD's First Police Chief

A self-proclaimed Irish-Catholic Yankee and an altar boy starting in second grade, Russell Greene first learned of the University of Dallas upon moving to North Texas in 1994. "I grew up always dreaming of becoming a police officer," said Greene, who began serving in his post earlier this semester as chief of the university's new police department.

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