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Application Process

Application Process

Applications for admission to the Paideia Personalized Major program are made to the Coordinator, who, in consultation with the Dean of the College, approves acceptable applications and approves the committee.  Applications must be sponsored by a faculty member, who writes a recommendation that accompanies them and makes a commitment to supervising the students' Paideia Scholar progress and to chairing the students' committee.  A complete proposal will contain a detailed outline of the project students wish to undertake as well as the courses to be taken.  Appendices should contain a preliminary bibliography and names of the members of the supervisory committee.  When the proposal is approved, students, the supervisory committee, and the chairs of the departments in which the student will pursue classes will be notified in writing.

Students may view copies of past Paideia Scholar proposals and theses by speaking with the Coordinator.

Students should be advised that only highly motivated students will be successful in the program; often, Paideia Scholars must do more work than would be required in a double major.  The choice of a well-focused project and a helpful committee is crucial.  Changes in staffing and faculty appointments can at times make a Paideia Personalized Major program difficult to complete; therefore, students should choose their committee carefully.