Fr. Roch Kereszty, O.Cist.

A native of Hungary, Fr. Roch Kereszty specializes in both Patristic and Medieval Theology and Systematic Theology.  His dissertation was entitled "Wisdom in the Spiritual Theology of St. Bernard."  He taught full time at the University of Dallas in the 1960s.


S.T.L., Athenaeum Anselmianum, Rome
S.T.D., Athenaeum Anselmianum, Rome

Recent Courses

THE 4V57 Sacraments I
THE 4332/5302 Christology and Soteriology
THE 4334/5301 Theology of the Church
THE 5300/6334 Ecclesiology
THE 5300/6336 Sacramental Theology I 
THE 5300/6337 Sacramental Theology II