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COVID-19 Preparedness Committee

The role of preparedness committee is to create reopening and contingency plans in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The preparedness committee provides situation reports to University leadership, assisting them in making well-informed decisions and communicates updates from the CDC, public health officials, and actions taken by the University to ensure the continued health and safety of our community.

Committee members are:

  • John Plotts- Ed.D. - Executive Vice President, Enrollment, Co-chair
  • Heather Lachenauer - General Counsel, Co-chair
  • Andrew Osborn - Associate Professor of English, Chair of Faculty Senate
  • Anita Johnson - Bookstore Manager
  • Brittany Landrum- Affiliate Assistant Professor, Psychology 
  • Casey Teng - General Manager, Aramark
  • Clare Venegas - Vice President for Marketing & Communications
  • Elizabeth Griffin - Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
  • Eddie Garth - Police Officer, UD Police/Campus Safety
  • John Norris - Associate Provost
  • Greg Roper - Interim Dean of Students, Student Affairs
  • Kyle Lemieux - Associate Professor, Drama
  • Dr. Lora Rodriguez - Physician/Director, Health Clinic
  • Maggie Chavey - Executive Assistant, Office of the President
  • Marisa Darby - Registrar
  • Mary Fleck - Director, Human Resources
  • Peter Hatlie, VP - Dean and Director, Rome Programs, Rome Campus
  • Robert Watling, Vice President for Finance
  • Steve Serna - Safety Specialist, Human Resources
  • Theresa Kenney - Associate Professor, English
  • William Cody - Associate Professor, Biology