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Return to Work Guide

UD will have a phased-in Return to Work plan. For departments who have already had employees performing essential work on campus, these schedules will continue from now until Phase One starts (a special thanks to those personnel who have been needed on campus and have continued to perform critical, necessary on campus operations).  Some supervisors may have an additional need between now and the start of Phase One, and will call in essential personnel as needed. As for the rest of staff who are performing their work remotely, a three-phase approach will be used to bring employees back on campus (dates are subject to change based on evolving information).

Phase One - starts Monday, June 15, 2020

Supervisors will determine appropriate personnel based on:  a) employees needed for on campus operations; b) employees who cannot effectively work from home; c) employees needing on campus tools or technology; d) employees who  would prefer to work in the office.  Approximately 25% office occupancy will be a guideline in this phase but not a requirement as the intention is to allow for social distancing. 

Phase Two - starts Monday, July 13, 2020  

Each supervisor should organize their team so that only half of their team are physically present in the office at one time. This phase can be implemented by bringing additional staff back from remote work based on department needs/tasks, scheduling alternate days in the office, or giving employees equal opportunities to physically work from the office and telework. Supervisors should encourage employees that are at high risk (over age 65, those with chronic disease, or immunocompromised) and can perform telework to do so. Approximately 50% office occupancy will be a guideline in this phase but not a requirement as the intention is to allow for social distancing.  

Phase Three - starts Monday, August 3, 2020   

At this phase, employees will return to working at their usual work station on campus.


Preparations for Implementation of Phases

The UD Safety Committee is working on identifying and communicating additional safety protocols that will be added before Phase One begins. All employees will receive training on new protocols in the next few weeks so remote workers know what to expect when they return.

Employees are asked to do their part by self-monitoring for any symptoms similar to COVID-19, take their temperature and do not come to campus if sick or temperature is over 100 degrees, wash hands frequently, and social distance (6 feet) from others. The use of face coverings is recommended for your protection if social distancing cannot be maintained, continue to social distance, and be conscientious in hand washing.