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Return to Work Guide


Statement of University of Dallas President Thomas S. Hibbs, Ph.D.

Dear Colleagues,

We heard you!

Last week, an Employee Pulse Survey was sent out to all faculty and staff to measure your level of comfort in returning to work on campus. Survey results showed a near-even split. Half of the respondents indicated they are “comfortable” or “very comfortable” returning to work on campus, while half report they are “uncomfortable” or “very uncomfortable.” The near-even split was consistent between both faculty and staff groups.

The top three concerns, again consistent between both groups, were:

(1) In-person meetings and other one-on-one interactions.

(2) The availability of disinfecting materials or personal protective equipment. 

(3) Going back to the office too early. 

Other important concerns were personal concerns due to age, chronic disease or being immunocompromised. 

Both groups wanted to know what cleaning is currently being done and wanted assurance that they will have access to cleaning materials in their departments. 

While over half of respondents across both groups felt that past communication on COVID-19-related issues has been clear, comments reflected a strong desire for increased communication in the future. 

Human Resources, under the direction of Mary Fleck, Ph.D., has developed the following FAQs based on employee questions from the survey. I am grateful to Mary for her leadership in this area. 

Thomas S. Hibbs, Ph.D.

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