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What Everyone Needs to Know

Report COVID symptoms

Students please call the Health Center 972-721-5322 and complete this form.
Employees with symptoms should complete this form.

Groundhog's Guide to Health

Cleanliness Steps

Personal Safety Protocols

  • Masks: Face masks or coverings are required at all times in University buildings, unless you are in your own residence hall room alone or with just your roommate, eating, or working in your own office or cubicle. Masks are also required outside if you are closer than 6 feet from any other person. If you are eating outside, you must be six feet away from all people due to the fact that masks must be removed when eating. 

    Wear your Mask Correctly
    • Wash your hands before putting on your mask
    • Put it over your nose and mouth and secure it under your chin
    • Try to fit it snugly against the sides of your face
    • Make sure you can breathe easily
    • CDC does not recommend use of masks or cloth masks for source control if they have an exhalation valve or vent
      Mask Wearing Guidelines
      CDC Guidelines: How to Wear Masks
  • Hand-washing: Wash your hands often for at least 20 seconds, or sanitize your hands, especially after sneezing or coughing or touching a high-contact object like a doorknob or computer. Please cover your coughs and sneezes with your arm, and avoid touching your face.
  • Hand-sanitizing: Free-standing sanitizing stations will be located throughout campus. Sanitizing wipes will be available at the entrance to classrooms so that students and professors can wipe down their chairs/desks as desired. Cleaning products will be provided for employee and faculty use in every office on campus.
  • Social distancing: Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet apart to minimize exposure. Also, please be mindful of instructions and directional signs for entering buildings, classrooms, and other common university areas.
  • Daily health monitoring: All members of the University community are encouraged to monitor their health condition every day by evaluating whether they have COVID-19 symptoms, such as those recognized by the CDC.
  • Minimize sharing of materials: If you are required to share materials with another person we recommend that you do so with gloved hands or sanitize before exchanging materials, and share as little as possible.


  • Water fountains: Drinking fountains have been changed on campus so that you can no longer drink from the fountain but can fill up your water bottle.  Students, faculty and staff are encouraged to bring their own water in reusable bottles to minimize the use of water dispensers, minimize waste, and stay hydrated.
  • Offices and common areas: Custodial staff will increase the frequency of routine cleaning and disinfection (both for daytime and nighttime protocols). Plexiglass barriers are installed on many reception countertops to provide a physical guard against nuclei spatter.
  • Doors: Doors to all on-campus buildings and classrooms will be propped open at high traffic times, weather permitting, to increase air flow and decrease occassions for touching surfaces.
  • Classroom Cleaning: classrooms are cleaned each evening by UD's custodial staff with Clorox Total 360 electrostatic misting program, using a product having a Micro Efficacy claim of 2 minutes for human coronavirus, with a pH of 11.9

COVID-19 Symptoms?

If you are a student who has covid-19 symptoms, has recently tested positive for covid-19, or has been around someone who has, you must fill out this form on the Health Clinic website and remain off campus or in your dorm room until you are contacted by the Clinic. If you are a staff or faculty members who is experiencing symptoms or has come in contact with someone who has COVID, you should fill out this form, contact your physician, and see this page for more information about what to do.