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First Generation Constantin Scholars

Constantin Scholars Program

June 11 - July 15, 2023

The Constantin Scholars Program provides a bridge between high school and university life at UD for incoming first-generation students.


The Constantin Scholars Program at UD welcomes and supports Texas students who will be the first in their families to complete a bachelor’s degree. Through scholarships and special programming, we recognize the wide-ranging impact that Constantin Scholars have on the lives of their peers — and generations of students in Texas.

Seal“ Finding ways to make sure that first-generation students flourish while they are here is part of the important work that we do. ”- President Jonathan J. Sanford, Ph.D.


The Constantin Scholars Summer Bridge Program features the Seven Arts of Language course, a three-credit hour class that counts toward the students' GPA and is provided free of charge. This course is designed to help students learn certain technical skills, such as the use of logic, rhetoric and grammar, that are essential in effective written and verbal communication. Students will also explore some of UD’s Core texts to reinforce those skills and will learn how to use etymological cues to broaden their vocabulary and understand difficult readings. Students will work with a graduate student instructor as well as peer mentors to guide them through the course and life on campus.

In addition to the Seven Arts of Language course, students will receive a subscription to the OptimalWork Program. This program leads students through the neuroscience and best practices of overcoming anxiety, distraction and other barriers to a healthy view of work.

Constantin Scholars


Students will live on campus for the duration of the program, participate in weekend activities with the rest of their cohort and be joined by their parents for an opening welcome banquet, a mid-program BBQ and a closing lunch. Other on-campus activities may include volleyball tournaments with the other summer programs at UD, scavenger hunts, a talent show, and a cultural foods exhibition and dinner. On weekends, students will participate in a variety of excursions to enrich their program experience and community engagement. Trips hosted by the Constantin Scholars Program in the past have included the Dallas Museum of Art, Klyde Warren Park, the Latino Cultural Center, and the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum. Transportation, food and entrance tickets to all activities are covered by the Constantin and Hearst Foundations.

Constantin Scholars Outing


The Constantin Scholar Summer Bridge Program is provided free of cost to selected students. Students who successfully complete the program have their Fall textbooks covered, become eligible to receive additional scholarship aid of at least $1,000 for the Fall, and are given priority consideration for work-study positions on campus.

Benefit Value Cost
Seven Arts of Language Course (3 Credits) $1,950 Free
Housing $605 Free
Meals $1,232 Free
Excursions + Food Stipend* $85 Free
Optimal Work Premium Subscription (1 Year) $1,000 Free
Fall Books (depending on need) $100 - $600 Free
Fall Scholarship $1,000+ Free
Work Study $800+ Free
Total $6,772 - $7,272 Free


We asked Constantin Scholars what their experiences as a Scholar have meant to them. Here’s what they said:

“[The program has] made a huge impact on me personally. It was great to be in a group of other first-gen students.”

– Janicia Gonzalez, BA ’25, Psychology | 2021 Cohort

“It has been very genuine and blessed. I have been able to form close friendships, even before the semester started, and I feel like it would be hard to form these relationships if I had not had the opportunity to study and spend my day with them, as was done in the program. I have also been able to interact and become more involved through the small groups and commuter round-ups.”

– Kate Sanchez, BA ’26, Philosophy and Theology | 2022 Cohort

“Being a Constantin Scholar was a really great experience that allowed me to open myself back up again after being secluded due to COVID-19. Going from having no physical contact with people to joining a diverse group of people helped me break out of the shell that I was in. Spending countless hours learning about Beowulf and the Seven Arts really were a lifesaver when it came to preparing myself for college at UD. Besides the class, my mentors, Blessing and Mr. N, facilitated my growth and allowed me to flourish in the class.”

– Pike Mathews, BA ’26, Biochemistry | 2022 Cohort

“Participating in the Constantin Scholar program provided students such as me with support and resources to help them transition to college life and ultimately to academic success. Scholars had the opportunity to receive mentorship and guidance from faculty and staff.”

– Martha Raborg, BA ’24, Business with concentrations in Computer Science and Spanish | 2020 Cohort