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Summer’s End

The weeks of vacations, internships, summer jobs and research
are drawing to a close, and we’ll soon welcome the students back
to campus. Their genuine excitement and joy in learning bring
fresh life to the final dog days of a Texas August.

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Heather Kreager, CEO, Sammons Enterprises, MBA '03

"The college of business taught me the importance of culture in business, how to be competitive and aggressive while maintaining your integrity."

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Brian Shelburne, MBA Student

"UD professors not only have advanced degrees, most of them are still currently working as consultants or researchers in the business world. And it’s not just the professors with experience; my classmates often add another layer to the education in relating their stories and detailing their problem-solving strategies."

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UD Students Excavate Gabii, Study Rome in a New Way

At UD, students are no strangers to studying the classics of Western literature and the history and culture that formed them. This summer, five UD students took this firsthand experience to an even greater level by assisting in the excavation of the ancient Latin city of Gabii. READ MORE

University of Dallas Dedicates Cardinal Farrell Hall -- Its New 'Front Door'

The University of Dallas community gathered on Friday, Feb. 2, 2018, for the formal blessing and opening of Cardinal Farrell Hall, named after our former bishop of Dallas, previous chancellor and longtime friend of the university, Kevin Cardinal Farrell. The opening of the new student-focused building marks the completion of one of several capital projects, a part of a broader institutional effort to transform the university's Irving campus.

Textile and Ceramic Exhibition Arrives from North Carolina Mountain Range

The Beatrice M. Haggerty Gallery proudly announces the opening of a two-person exhibition, "What Remains," featuring artists Rachel Meginnes and Assistant Professor of Ceramics Kelly O'Briant. The exhibition is curated by Penland Gallery Director Kathryn Gremley of the Penland School of Craft in North Carolina. In 2001, O'Briant received a two-year Core Fellowship from the Penland School of Craft, where Meginnes recently completed a three-year residency.

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Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library Naming


The University of Dallas has announced that it will officially rename the 54-year-old Cowan - Blakley Memorial Library to honor long-time University Professor Louise S. Cowan and Professor and University President Donald Cowan. The library will be known as the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library. LEARN MORE
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