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Special Topics: Natural Law and Public Affairs

POL4352 & POL5301
Special Topics: Natural Law and Public Affairs

Special University of Dallas Summer Offering in Washington DC

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This intensive two-week seminar introduces students to the basics of Thomistic natural law theory and its applications to contemporary ethical and political issues.

Topics include: the ethics of killing at the beginning and end of life, along with war and capital punishment, marriage, sexual ethics, gender ideology, religious liberty and discrimination, property and justice, the political common good and the role of religion in public life.

Students are expected to complete all reading assignments and come to class prepared for seminar discussions. Grading will be based on student participation, reading quizzes, an exam at the end of week one, and a seminar paper due several days after the completion of the course.

Class Dates

August 1 through August 12


The Ethics and Public Policy Center
1730 M Street NW
Suite 910
Washington, D.C.


Ryan Anderson

Ryan Anderson, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center, Washington, D.C.

Application Information

University of Dallas students may enroll in UD Summer Courses with no application process.

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Students from outside of the university may apply for the Irving Summer terms.

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