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The City: Classical Roots and Contemporary Realities


Matthew Post, Assistant Professor of Humanities, University of DallasMatthew Post, Assistant Professor of Humanities, University of Dallas

Matthew Post is Assistant Professor of Humanities, Graduate Director of Classical Education and Assistant Dean of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts at the University of Dallas. He has spent his career teaching the Great Books of the Western tradition, having worked in Canada, Japan and Slovakia in addition to the U.S. His research explores how best to understand and promote virtue, service and leadership through education.

THESE PROMISES, however, often prove illusory even to those who win success, for it is a promise made to individuals as individuals. The premise of the city however is that human nature is realized more fully in community with others. How may a good life be envisioned for today’s city dwellers as a community? And how should cities be conceived of in order to encourage that good life?

Conference Organizers

Joshua Parens, Ph.D., Dean, Braniff Graduate School

Bainard Cowan, Ph.D., Cowan Chair in Literature

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