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Our theme this month is The Languages of Prayer

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Living With Courage in Difficult TImes.

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On the Power of Music Video


“Social distancing” or “solitary confinement”? How we see a thing often depends on how we say a thing. As Fr. John Bayer, O.Cist., BA '06, explains, the words we use shape the way we see ourselves, our present moment and our future. It’s never been more important for us to be aware of the power of language to influence our view of the world.

Fr. Bayer’s presentation is taken from the free video-based course "The Person: History and Tradition," part of the
Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture Program.


This year, many people have brought church home by “attending Mass” via YouTube livestream. According to UD's Assistant Professor of Spanish Christi Ivers, Ph.D., something similar occurred in Spain in the late 1400s. The widespread adoption of the printing press enabled the laity to use the images and texts in newly available devotional books to pray in their homes in ways that they previously could only do in a church building. Listen to this fascinating conversation on technology and faith.

This episode is taken from the Liberal Learning for Life @ UD Podcast, which features compelling, pithy and rich conversations with UD faculty and friends.
Crowley Chamber Trio


St. Augustine's Confessions a continual, meditative prayer to God in the presence of the reader. For Augustine, language enables him to connect with God, readers in his own time and us today. Explore this work further with this study guide from the Arts of Liberty Project.

This article is taken from the journal of the
Arts of Liberty Project, which educates students, teachers and lifelong learners in the purpose and power of the liberal arts and liberal education.

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Course Launch
The Person: Action and Influence

What, according to the late John Alvis, Ph.D., are the two central questions of a liberal education? Find out at noon CST on Jan. 19 when we watch the first session from the new video series from the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture Program: The Person: Action and Influence. After the presentation, the series director, Shannon Valenzuela, Ph.D., will join us for a live conversation, moderated by Michael West, Ph.D.


No matter where in the world you might be, please join us for this year’s Aquinas Lecture, which will be given by the philosopher Robert Koons, Ph.D. It’s titled “Is St. Thomas’ Aristotelian Philosophy of Nature Obsolete?” and will occur at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 28, via Zoom.

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