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International Games Month

Happy International Games Month!

Join us in the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library for International Games Month, celebrated by libraries around the world! Play our UD editions of the classic Guess Who? Go bowling in the library! Re-create old photos of UD student life! Come to the library to find all kinds of game-themed fun!

Grand Finale: a life-sized chess game

A life-sized chess game was a long-standing UD tradition that disappeared—we're bringing it back, for the first time in FIFTY years! We're reversing the roles for our new game: two students will compete, directing their chess pieces, represented by members of our beloved faculty. President Sanford and Provost Vorwerk will be our kings—come to the event to see who else is a chess piece! 

Wednesday 29 November 2023 at 4 PM on the Mall

Want a chance to play the final game? Participate in our mini tournament; find more information here:

University Archives Photo Scavenger Hunt

Play super games; win super prizes! Participate in this year's photo scavenger hunt!

     The Objective: to replicate University Archives photos of past UD students.Submissions will be judged based on accuracy—location, items, posing, camera angles, clothing, hairstyles, expressions, etc—and creativity (e.g. do you have a lot of helpful friends or a bunch of Lego Minifigures?). Prizes and Archival Immortality will be awarded to top entries.

Find more information here: