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Guest Use Policy

Cowan - Blakley Memorial Library Guest Use Policy

The University of Dallas Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library welcomes guests into the library Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. Guests are expected to abide by the following rules. 

  • We do not require an ID to enter the library Monday - Friday from 8 am - 5 pm. However, identification must be provided if requested by library faculty, staff, or the University of Dallas Police.
  • There are currently 6 public access computers for public use. These computers are shared with both public patrons and UD affiliated students. During times of heavy use, students will receive top priority which may delay use by public patrons.  
  • Printing from the public use computers is $0.10 per page. The only forms of payment are cash and check.  Patrons who do not pay will not receive copies. No exceptions. To print, you will need to email your document to and request them to print it for you.
  • A book scanner is available for use for library materials and other documents. Saving and emailing scanned materials is available free of charge. Materials printed are $0.10 per page.  Public patrons may use this scanner for no more than 30 minutes per day.
  • The primary mission of the Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library is to support the students, faculty, and staff of the University of Dallas. Librarians are happy to help public patrons with basic research questions. Reference assistance requiring more than 15 minutes per day will not be available to public patrons; these queries should be directed to your local public library.
  • First and foremost, the library is a place for collaboration and study for University students, faculty, and staff.  Loud conversations or phone calls should be taken into the foyer.
  • Guest cards are available at the Circulation desk for $40 a year. Please see Circulation Policies for more information.
  • It is expected that all library faculty and staff, student workers, and other library patrons be treated courteously and respectfully.  

The Cowan-Blakley Memorial Library reserves the right to refuse service to any public patron who does not abide by this policy. This can include a temporary or permanent ban from the library and/or the University of Dallas campus.

Questions about this policy should be directed to Reina Williams, Associate Dean and Director, at or 972-721-5282.


Interim Dean Appointments Announced

The University of Dallas (UD) announced the appointment of reference librarian and adjunct French instructor Ron Scrogham as interim dean of libraries and research of the Cowan-Blakely Memorial Library, and the appointment of longtime Politics Professor Richard Dougherty, Ph.D. ’93 M.A. ’89, to serve as interim dean of the Braniff Graduate School of Liberal Arts.

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