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University of Dallas Library Throwdown

UD Library Throwdown!

Welcome to the Cowan Blakley Memorial Library throwdown! Using a bracket system, we will be voting each week on our favorites, leading up to a final favorite winner! (This competition is loosely based on the popular sports brackets that take place every March.)

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This year we are voting on our favorite children's books! We picked 16 each of the most popular Newbery and Caldecott winners and are pitting them against each other. We will decide our favorite Caldecott winner, and our favorite Newbery winner, and then the final vote will pit a Caldecott vs a Newbery!

The Caldecott award is given to illustrator of the most distinguished illustrated children's book in a year, and the Newbery award is given to the most distinguished American children's book in a year, according to the American Library Association.

The Way it Works

We chose 16 of your favorite Caldecott award winners and 16 of your favorite Newbery award winners and created a bracket (pictured below) with 16 Caldecott winners on the top, and 16 Newbery winners on the bottom. We used a random number generator to choose the first competitors. Every Monday, starting at Noon, the new form will be opened up and you can vote for your favorites. The 16 will be narrowed down to 8, then to 4, then to 2, and then finally to one winner on each side, which will then be pitted against the winner of the other side. Voting will be open all week until Monday morning at 8 am, and the next voting form will be released on Monday at Noon.

The Schedule

February 27th at Noon: 16 Caldecotts battle each other, and 16 Newberys battle each other

March 6th at Noon: 8 Caldecotts battle each other, and 8 Newberys battle each other

March 13th at Noon: SPRING BREAK no contest

March 20th at Noon: 4 Caldecotts battle each other, and 4 Newberys battle each other

March 27th at Noon: 2 Caldecotts battle each other, and 2 Newberys battle each other

April 12th at Noon: Caldecott vs Newbery!

April 18th at Noon: the winner is revealed!

The Current Bracket

UD Library Throwdown Final Round Bracket