Estudio a Distancia

La Universidad de Dallas, en sociedad con diversas Diócesis de los Estados Unidos, ofrece sus programas de formación en español.

“Este programa de Teología Pastoral es necesario para todas las personas que sirven en algún ministerio en su parroquia porque ofrece las bases necesarias de la fe católica; siempre estaré agradecida con los maestros de la Universidad.”

- Margarita Rodríguez, Graduada del Certificado en Teología Pastoral

En sociedad con Catholic Extension Society ofrecemos la Escuela Bíblica Católica en los siguientes localidades:

  • Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Brownsville, Texas
  • Anteriormente:
    • Las Cruces, New Mexico

En sociedad con el Arquidiócesis de Atlanta ofrecemos el Certificado en Teología Pastoral en línea.


Teller Family Finds Friendship, Fraternity in Love of Music

Growing up in a half-Irish Catholic family in Cincinnati, the seven Teller children knew a household full of music. Lucy, Brother Jonah and Brother Simon Teller have used the love of music instilled during childhood by their family to become musicians and produce music of their own.

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UD Engages Conservation, Behavioral Research Efforts with Dallas Zoo

A few years back, the University of Dallas began to form a relationship with the Dallas Zoo, when Assistant Professor of Biology Deanna Soper, Ph.D., and her colleague, Professor of Psychology Scott Churchill, P.h.D., began taking class trips to the zoo. And in the spirit of further collaboration, the world's leading cheetah expert and conservationist, Laurie Marker, Ph.D., founder and executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) sponsored by the Dallas Zoo, will join the UD community on Thursday, Oct. 25, to give a lecture about her work rescuing the world's fastest land mammal from extinction.

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Dallas Ministry Conference Unites Faithful and Faculty

Dallas/Fort Worth area faithful gathered at the Irving Convention Center for the 12th Annual Dallas Ministry Conference (DMC) Oct. 11-13, 2018. Sponsored by the Diocese of Dallas and the University of Dallas, the event seeks to provide opportunities for faith formation.

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