Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Certificate of Pastoral Ministry program?

The CPM is an adult continuing education program designed in cooperation with the Diocese of Dallas to meet the formation needs of a variety of parish level ministers and to enable personal enrichment to adults seeking to enhance their personal faith life. While the program is principally designed for active parishioners and volunteer ministers, it may also be of value to professional ministers who do not have or are unable to pursue an academic degree in ministry.

Who teaches the CPM classes? 

All classes are taught by instructors who have at least a Master’s degree in Theological Studies, Pastoral Ministry, Catechetical Ministry or related field.

Where and when are the classes offered?

Classes are offered at a variety of days, times and locations. See the course schedule for details. 

When can I register? 

Registration opens May 1st and will remain open until the last session of the academic year.  Registration for classes ends the first day of the class. 

How many classes can I register for? 

There is no limit to the number of classes taken. 

How do I register? 

Register online here prior to the first class session.  Please complete all requested information.

What is the cost of a class? 

Each class is $100. NSOM currently has a partnership with the Catholic Diocese of Dallas in that a member of a parish in the diocese pays $50 of the $100 fee and the diocese pays the remainder of the fee. Registration begins May 1.

Is there a discounted rate if I sign up for a year prior to the start of classes?

Yes. Signing up for six classes at one site is $550 for all six classes ($275 for Diocese of Dallas parishioners). Registration at this rate ends August 15.

How do I pay for my class?

When registering online as student can choose to pay by credit card or by check.  If payment by credit card is chosen, the payment is made at the time of registration. If payment by check is made, a student will be emailed an invoice within 2 business days and then check payments are made at the University of Dallas Business Office in Carpenter Hall on the UD campus during regular business hours (8 am – 5 pm); You must have an invoice or student number in order to pay by check. CASH payments are NOT accepted. Payment must be received prior to the second class session or a student will not be allowed to attend class. 

How long is each class? 

Classes are once a week for two (2) hours. Additional formats (e.g. weekend and summer intensives) will be available at a later date.

Do I have to take the classes in a specific sequence?

No – classes may be taken in any sequence. Some elective/concentration classes have recommended perquisites because they have foundational information that will assist the student in class. 

How do I earn a certificate? 

A certificate is earned by completing a total of 18 classes – 12 core classes and 6 electives.  Electives can be in a specific concentration or of a student’s choice. See the program requirements webpage for a list of concentrations and associated classes.

Do I have to attend every class session? 

Yes, in order to get credit for a class a student must attend all five classes.

Is there a maximum number of students in a class?

Yes, classes are capped at 40 students. 

Could a class be cancelled?

Yes. If there is insufficient enrollment the University of Dallas reserves the right to cancel a class.  Refunds or credits will be given to anyone who has registered. 

If I cancel my registration can I get a refund? 

If you have registered for the annual course and the first session has already begun, there will be no refunds issued. Instead, there will be a credit of the missed CPM classes assigned to your account that must be used by the next academic year. 

For individual five-week registrations, if the first class has already begun, there will be no refund issued. Instead, there will be a credit of one CPM class assigned to  your account and must be used by the next academic year. 

**Refunds will only be issued if you cancel your registration before classes have met. 

Is there an online option for CPM courses? 

Not at this time, although online course development is planned.

Who should I contact if I have questions about CPM? 

Contact Melissa Hernandez, Coordinator of Continuing Education at 972-721-4118. 

I am a diocese who may be interested in forming a partnership, what should I do? 

You should contact the Neuhoff School of Ministry directly at or call 972-721-4118. Visit our partnerships webpage to learn more.



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