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New Testament Themes

New Testament Themes

Course documents and supplementary readings.

May 13/14, 2014 (Final class - Boo Hoo!)

Read chapter 8 in Brown.

Matthew handout


May 6/7, 2014

Read chapters 6 & 7 in Brown.

Gospel of John handout

Letters of John handout


April 29/30, 2014

Read chapter 5 in Brown and first part of chapter 6.


I Peter handout


April 22/23, 2014

Read chapter 4 in Brown.

See handout for Luke/Acts below.


April 15/16, 2014

No class.  Holy Week.


April 8/9, 2014

Read Brown chapters 3 & 4.

Ecclesiology of Colossians and Ephesians

Ecclesiology of Luke/Acts


April 1/2, 2014

Read Brown The Churches the Apostles Left Behind chapters 1 & 2.

If possible, read Schnelle pages 592 to 599.

Pastoral Epistles Ecclesiology

New Testament Issues related to Ecclesiology


March 25/26, 2014

Read in Schnelle pages 163 to 192.


March 18/19, 2014

Read in Schnelle pages 143 (Tuesday)/146 (Wednesday) to 162.


March 11/12, 2014

Read in Schnelle pages 133 to 162.


February 26, 2014 (Wednesday class)

March 4, 2014 (Tuesday class)

Read in Schnelle pages 111 to 133 (or to 162 if you can).


February 18/19, 2014

Read in  Schnelle pages 92 to 110.

Donald Senior on Kingdom of God


February 11/12, 2014

Read in Schnelle pages 78 to 110.

See last weeks entry for text.

Short reflection on the Kingdom of God


February 4/5, 2014

Udo Schnelle pages 61 to 110.

John Meier on "real" Jesus

Luke T. Johnson on "real" Jesus

January 28/29, 2014

Udo Schnelle pages 605-607; 619-621; 635-640.


Hebrews selected passages

Extra Reflection: HUVB on the descent of Christ into hell (I Peter 3:19; 4:6)

January 21/22,2014

Udo Schnelle pages 541-546; 559-561; 582-585.

Franciscan Christology

Gospel Kerygma

January 14/15, 2014

Udo Schnelle pages 246 to 268.

Participation in the Christ Event

January 7/8, 2014

Udo Schnelle pages 222 to 245.

Paul on the resurrection

Next classes January 7/8, 2014

We will continue from page 222 in Udo Schnelle.

If you have suggestions for next year's (Sept. 2014- May 2015) class topic,

please email me:

I am sending my suggestions to everyone in an email.  

This is not an entirely democratic process, but collaboration never hurts.

December 10/11, 2013

Udo Schnelle pages 221-245: Paul's Christology Part One

The cross in Paul handout


Supplemental handout for December 3/4, 2013

Raymond Brown Passion Narrative

December 3/4, 2013

Udo Schnelle pages 694 to 704 plus Donald Senior's article on

the Passion Narrative in John.  See below for links to these texts if needed.


November 19/20, 2013

***We will continue our discussion of Schnelle

up to page 694 only.  We will go on to page 704 after

Thanksgiving break.

Christology of the Gospel of John continued

Read Udo Schnelle pages 694 to 704: text here

Christology of John's Passion Narrative

Wedding at Cana

Introduction to John


 November 12/13, 2013

Christology of the Gospel of John

Read Udo Schnelle pages 669 to 694: text here

 John vs. The Synoptics

November 5/6, 2013

Christology of Luke's Passion Narrative

Read Udo Schnelle pages 481-492:  text here


October 29/30, 2013

Christology of Matthew's Passion Narrative

Read Udo Schnelle pages 432 to 441: text here



October 22/23, 2013

Christology of Mark's Passion Narrative

Read Udo Schnelle pages 405 to 419: text here

Christological titles of Jesus in the NT

Real vs. Historical Jesus - John Meier


October 15/16, 2013

Read pages 105 to 125 in An Introduction to New Testament Christology by

Raymond Brown

Issues in NT Christology


October 8/9, 2013

Read Chapter Four "Apocalypticism" in New Testament Themes

Christian Perspective on Apocalyptic Theology

Hope Quote



October 1/2, 2013


New Testament Foundations of Church

Tuesday class list pdf

Wednesday class list pdf

As requested:

Book list


Tuesday class list

Wednesday class list

September 24/25, 2013

Read chapter two "Discipleship: The Way of God" in New Testament Themes

by David de Silva

NT terms related to Discipleship

Volunteer for UD Ministry Conference

Three Graces


September 17/18, 2013

Read chapter one "Grace: The Favor of God" in New Testament Themes

by David de Silva


September 10/11, 2013

Old Testament Themes Summary