Master of Pastoral Ministry: Youth Ministry Concentration

Executive Youth Ministry Graduate Program 

"I wanted to participate in a program at a school known for its academic rigor where I could also gain practical experience through an internship. I discovered that the School of Ministry is a gem in the Dallas area — and beyond — for people who want to be equipped for ministry in the church."

- Sammy Argumaniz, MTS '10, Diocese of Dallas Ministry Development Strategist 

Join an online cohort of ministry leaders from across the nation.

Become powerfully equipped to stand with, by and for young people in today's rapidly evolving culture as you plumb the depths of the Catholic faith and strengthen your experience in pastoral ministry for the young church. University of Dallas' Master of Pastoral Ministry - Youth Ministry (MPM-YM) program is offered to youth ministry leaders from across the nation in an exclusive, two-year, online cohort. Dynamic theology and ministry courses, integration seminars and a capstone project will comprehensively prepare you to cultivate the spiritual growth of young people in parish, school or other mission settings while you develop professionally through the program's unique executive-style approach to graduate education.  

Meet our nationally recognized faculty & youth ministry experts. 

Bob McCartyElizabeth MadeoBob McCarty, D.Min. and Elizabeth Madeo join with University of Dallas' nationally recognized faculty to bring this program to ministry leaders. McCarty, D.Min., brings over 40 years of ministry experience to bear on his teaching and leadership, 19 of which he spent serving as executive director for the National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry. Madeo has had the joy of being the director of youth ministries at a parish in Kansas City, MO for the last 14 years, in addition to writing, speaking and teaching on a national scope.

Grow professionally through an executive-model curriculum.

Our executive model MPM-YM curriculum is designed to advance your graduate education while you remain committed to full or part-time work. Executive-model MPM-YM classes are offered online, one at a time, in seven-week terms. The program can be completed in just two years, as it integrates your real-life ministry experience with internship and capstone project requirements. 

Program of Study

To complete the MPM-YM program in two years, the following program of study has been established for cohort students. 

Fall Semester 2017

Sem 1: Term 1: RPS 6320 Theological Reflection
Sem 1: Term 2: RPS 6322 New Testament
Both Terms: Graduate Proseminar (1 credit hour)

Spring Semester 2018

Sem 2: Term 1: RPS 6311 Liturgy & Sacraments
Sem 2: Term 2: RPS 6330 Ministry in the Church
Both Terms: RPS 7364 Internship (1 credit hour)

Summer Semester 2018

Rome 1: Foundations of Youth Ministry
Rome 2: Leadership in Christian communities

Fall Semester 2018

Sem 3: Term 1: RPS 6321 Old Testament
Sem 3: Term 2: RPS 6312 Moral Theology
Both Terms: RPS 7364 Internship (1 credit hour)

Spring Semester 2019

Sem 4: Term 1: RPS 6314 Church History
Sem 4: Term 2: RPS 6313 Systematic Theology
Both Terms: RPS 7364 Internship (1 credit hour) 

Summer Semester 2019

Term 1 & 2: RPS 7394 Youth Ministry Capstone

Internship & Capstone

In addition to the Core courses and two Youth Ministry Concentration electives (Principles of Youth Ministry & Ministry in the Church) outlined in the Program of Study, MPM-YM students also complete an internship and capstone experience. 

RPS 7364. Pastoral Ministry Internship - Youth Ministry: This supervised placement in ministry provides a structured experience of field education. Working with a supervisor, you'll have a hands-on experience in ministry while developing yourself, your goals and your understanding of this ministry field.  

RPS 7394. Ministry Capstone - Youth Ministry: Students take this course in their final semester. It provides an opportunity for them to integrate previous coursework and reading with the knowledge and skills required to address particular pastoral tasks effectively. The student will work with seasoned ministerial practitioners who will provide onsite supervision. Capstone projects require the completion of a detailed application and written approval by Neuhoff School of Ministry faculty supervisors several months prior to registration.

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Application Process

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Apply by Feb. 15, 2017 and your $50 application fee is waived.

Application deadline: May 15, 2017. 


Meet Your Professors & Classmates in Rome, Italy.


You're invited to an exclusive MPM-YM study abroad experience in Rome, Italy, as part of your graduate studies with the University of Dallas. For two weeks over the summer, you'll have the opportunity join your professors and fellow MPM-YM colleagues as you complete two of your courses at UD's Rome campus nestled in the Alban Hills, overlooking the Eternal City. Class lectures from our nationally recognized faculty are combined with visits to the city for an awe-inspiring spiritual and intellectual experience. Engage in stimulating and enlightening conversation, enhance your worldview, create lasting friendships among other MPM-YM students from across the nation and truly deepen your faith. 


Next Steps:

  1. Let us know you're interested by contacting the Neuhoff School of Ministry.  
  2. Review the application process.
  3. Apply by Feb. 15, 2017 and your $50 application fee is waived. Application deadline: May 15, 2017. 


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