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Dr. Marti Jewell receives AGPIM "Called and Gifted" Award

Dr. Marti Jewell receives AGPIM "Called and Gifted" Award

Dr. JewellDr. Marti Jewell, assistant professor of theology at the Neuhoff Institute, will receive the 2013 "Called and Gifted" Award by the Association of Graduate Programs in Ministry (AGPIM).

This award is given each year at AGPIM's annual meeting and it recognizes a record of longstanding achievement in support of graduate education in ministry.  The recipient is selected each year based on the following criteria:

    • He or she has made a contribution to AGPIM that is substantial and lasting (conducted research; provided leadership; fostered collegial conversation in an organized and helpful way, etc.)
    • Within the discipline of pastoral theology, he or she is respected for his or her contributions to the field, especially as an educator of ministers.
    • He or she represents the interests of graduate education in ministry and AGPIM in the broader ecclesial and academic communities.

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Jewell on this outstanding accomplishment!


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