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Kimberly Diwa

Meet the Class of 2022: AcaDec Champ Aspires to Medical Profession

Kimberly DiwaDate published: Sept. 17, 2018

Kimberly Diwa, BA ’22, first heard of the University of Dallas during a Bible study at her church. As she listened to a woman talk about her daughter’s experiences during her Rome semester and how her friendships formed in college still remained strong even 10 years after graduation, Diwa was intrigued. When the time came for her to start looking at colleges, she came across UD again in the Newman Guide to Catholic Colleges, as well as Princeton Review’s book of Best Schools. She decided to visit campus and immediately was struck by UD’s friendly character, not to mention its impressive record of preparing pre-med students for medical school.

“When the time came for me to decide where to go to school, I realized that UD was an excellent place to continue my academic journey and prepare for a life of serving God,” she said.

A national online Academic Decathlon champion (she participated in the competition for home-schooled students), a participant in the Rosetta Institute’s camp on neuroscience, and an O’Hara alumna, Diwa is already well-prepared for the academic rigor of UD. She will major in biology and hopes to attend medical school after graduation to become either a pediatrician or an obstetrician/gynecologist.

“Since I was in elementary school, I’ve had a passion for entertaining and caring for younger children, like my little sister,” she said. “Participation in the pro-life movement has also instilled in me the need to care for the most vulnerable, which I can see myself doing either in a hospital or as a medical missionary.”

Diwa has pursued this care for the vulnerable in her extracurricular activities as well. In high school, she participated in Girl Scouts and 40 Days for Life and volunteered at an animal shelter. Here at UD, she plans to participate in Women’s Ministry, Crusaders for Life, and Crusaders for Kids, as well as the Pre-Health Society. In engaging in these organizations, Diwa looks forward to meeting fellow students who share her passion.

“I’m excited about meeting and being taught by people excited to live their lives for Christ, whatever that entails,” she said.

When she’s not busy with school or extracurriculars, Diwa enjoys crocheting stuffed animals, reading travel articles and books, and collecting minerals and postcards.

But most of all, Diwa is grateful to be able to engage in UD’s community and encounter like-minded people who share her zeal both for academics and for a life in the faith: “I am so thankful for my parents for their continual support and their help in choosing a college where, in their words, I am ‘in good hands.’”