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Jose Fernando Martinez

Meet the Class of 2022: Soccer Player Leads Pro-Life Movement

Jose Fernando MartinezDate published: Oct. 2, 2018

Ever since he was little, Jose Fernando Martinez, BA ’22, has been part of the pro-life movement. Yet, his experience has not been the typical one: His grandmother is the founder of the movement in Honduras, so he has followed her example in upholding the dignity of life.

“During my time there, I’ve seen incredible things and heard incredible stories, but I’ve also been to the streets fighting for life,” said Martinez. “Not so long ago, feminist groups were trying to legalize abortion in Honduras. We as a movement fought and won. It was a very hard battle.”

In the fight to protect the lives of the unborn, Martinez watched as his grandmother went to news and television stations, urging the people of Honduras to value life from conception to natural death. He reflects that the experience was at once intense and immensely rewarding, especially when mothers and families would come to thank them for encouraging them to keep their babies.

“Those moments are the best, and it really inspires me to keep fighting and to keep pushing so that one day life is available to everyone,” he said.

In addition to helping with pro-life endeavours, throughout high school Martinez also participated in Operation Smile, an international medical charity that provides free surgeries to children and young adults born with cleft lip, cleft palate, and other dental or facial conditions.

“I was deeply involved in this club because I love helping people in need,” he said. “I made my college essay about my experience with this club because it really changed my life and made me see how lucky I am.”

Outside of school and volunteer work, Martinez played soccer both for his high school and a club team, and he notes that he decided to attend UD in order to join the soccer team here. He also listed the strong business program and deeply Catholic environment of the university as his other deciding factors.

A business and economics double major, Martinez is not entirely sure what he wants to do after graduation. He might take his skills and use them in the business world, maybe as a CEO or CFO.

But for now, Martinez plans to make the most of his time at UD: “I’m looking forward to playing with the soccer team and being an important factor on the team. Also, I’m looking forward to getting good grades, meeting people and hopefully having a great freshman year.”