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UD Announces Partnership with Institute of World Politics

 Date Published: Wednesday, Nov. 14

PoliticsEarlier this month, the University of Dallas announced a partnership with the Institute of World Politics (IWP). UD will be the ninth institution of higher learning to partner with IWP.

"As an alumnus of both programs, I am thrilled to see this partnership reach fruition. Our shared commitment to the understanding and defense of the Western moral and intellectual tradition will ensure this endeavor's success," said Tim Stebbins, BA '08, vice president of graduate recruitment at IWP. "IWP holds the intellectual rigor of the University of Dallas education in high regard, and we are very pleased to make these opportunities available to such high-caliber students."

With this partnership, at least 10 graduates of UD admitted to IWP's master's degree program will receive special financial benefits, including a "partnership scholarship" awarded each semester to those who remain in good academic standing within their respective programs.

IWP will also offer early admission to its master's degree programs for qualified students, with matriculation beginning after successful completion of an undergraduate program at UD.

Additionally, the institute will reserve one slot in its internship program each semester for an undergraduate of UD. The IWP internship is offered in the spring, summer and fall semesters.

Finally, UD students will have the chance to attend a private open house program at the institute's campus in Washington, D.C. There, they will be able to interview with faculty and current students, as well as alumni, to discuss IWP programs and career opportunities.

Provost and Professor of Philosophy Jonathan J. Sanford, Ph.D., also spoke of this new partnership: "The University of Dallas is pleased to partner with the Institute of World Politics, an institution which shares our same commitment to the Western intellectual tradition, academic rigor, the cultivation of civic duties, and a strong commitment to the advancement of the common good. We are excited for the opportunities this agreement will provide our students and graduates."