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Studies in Catholic Faith & Culture

Program Aims to Open UD Ethos to Wider Community, Rebuild Culture

Catholic Faith & CultureDate published: Oct. 17, 2019

On Thursday, Sept. 26, several members of the university community gathered to celebrate the completion of Course II of the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program, the first component of UD’s Liberal Learning for Life initiative. The course is titled “The Person: Tradition and History.”

“It is truly a remarkable course, beautifully presented, and a wonderful representation of our beloved UD,” said Provost Jonathan J. Sanford, Ph.D., who described the program as a way to share “the tremendous fruits” of what UD has to offer with everyone, including those in the greater community who may never have heard of UD. Sanford sees the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture as a way “to rebuild the culture.” 

Catholic Faith & CultureThe reception was held both to express gratitude to the faculty who worked on the second course and also to invite additional faculty to participate in the  third course: “The Person: Action and Influence.” Associate Professor of English Greg Roper, Ph.D., BA ’84, and Affiliate Assistant Professor of English and Course Content Manager for Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture Shannon Valenzuela, Ph.D., BA ’00, had prepared an introduction of Course III, which Valenzuela presented.

Generally, Course III will explore the actions we ourselves take and the modes by which we influence others to act. There will be three sections of the course: Choice and Freedom; Modes of Action; and Modes of Influence, together comprising 10 classes, which will cover such topics as reason and faith; conscience and the “freedom of choice”; models of leadership; the purpose of education; wisdom and compromise; models of protest and witness; the centrality of love; rhetoric and persuasion; and the responsibility of the artist. With this course, the program will move to an interview format, with the goal of encouraging and enabling wider faculty participation..

Catholic Faith & CultureNow entering its second year, the Studies in Catholic Faith and Culture program enables alumni and friends of UD to re-engage with the questions, texts and faculty that animate the core of the undergraduate experience. Cohorts across the country have been meeting in schools, parishes and private homes over 10 sessions, and more are forming now. 

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