Pursuit of Happiness

Quest for Truth Inspires Evangelism

Vicky Sun

 Date Published: Tuesday, Nov. 26

After finishing her first year of law school in Beijing, Vicky Sun, BA ’20, traveled to Washington, D.C., where she studied the American Constitution for one summer at Georgetown Law School. She was intrigued by the fundamental nature of politics, and when she expressed her desire to further her studies, one of her professors recommended she consider UD.

With that advice, Sun’s quest for knowledge soon transformed into a higher calling: a pursuit of “truth and happiness,” and a liberal education at the University of Dallas. 

“I’m very passionate about doing the right thing,” she said. And in reading the Great Books as an undergraduate at UD, Sun began to learn about charity, friendship and love. “I became someone I never thought I could become,” she said.  

“I belong to the church, and I’m a daughter of God.” 

— Vicky Sun, BA '20

Sun credits her UD education with giving her the vision to see “evil and good in our daily life.” One of her fondest memories is of her sophomore semester in Rome and baptism in St. Peter’s Basilica. “The pursuit of happiness is not only about personal success, but about common good … I want people to see the spirituality of our life … and to listen to the moral teachings of the church.

Whenever faced with self-doubt or requiring patience, Sun reminds herself daily: “I belong to the church, and I’m a daughter of God.” 

“God calls us to live a righteous life,” said Sun, who remains best friends with her freshman roommate, Madeleine Nerio, BA ’20. 


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