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Cor Challenge

2019 Cor Challenge

Cor Challenge Graphic

Feb. 26 - March 2, 2019

The Cor Challenge began as the brain-child of the National Alumni Board in the Fall of 2011 in response to national news that alumni participation rates of university communities were dropping. For institutions like UD, flagging participation rates mean decreased chances of finding support from corporations and foundations, poorer ratings and eventually lower admissions. During the board meeting, leaders on the board asked "What can we do; what can the alumni do?" In response to those questions, the members thought up and developed the idea of a grassroots movement among the alumni led by them and other "challengers" to increase participation rates and get the alumni enthusiastic about giving.

2019 will be the eighth year of the Cor Challenge. Against national trends, alumni of UD have participated in giving in a show of support of their alma mater and to ensure the continuance of UD's mission. Last year, UD raised over $125,000 from over 450 donors. This year, we need your help to build on that achievement.

If you are interested in helping make the Cor Challenge a success, you can volunteer to lead a challenge or to help spread the word. To volunteer, contact Mike Pitstick at or (972) 265-5949.