UD Campus Transformation

A Campus Transforming

A history of slow but steady growth and improvements at the University of Dallas is giving way to a more accelerated, but just as carefully planned, state of transformation stimulated by the expansion and interchange of Highway 114 and Loop 12, as well as the new DART light rail station just a short walk away.

Vilfordi Plaza: Connecting Campus & Community

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The opening of DART’s University of Dallas Station not only represents a chance for our students to more easily access the greater Dallas area, but it presents the university with new opportunities to connect with thousands who live near or pass by our campus daily. This project ties together DART and the university’s residential, academic and social centers by clearly defining a convenient, direct route for all constituencies to use when traveling back and forth.

Named in honor of Gene Vilfordi, a longtime University of Dallas trustee and well-known supporter of Catholic education in the Dallas area, the Vilfordi Plaza is constructed of materials similar to those that have been used throughout the UD campus.

Vilfordi Plaza

Gates: Defining a Campus

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Just as Braniff Memorial Tower has for decades attracted the attention of all those who pass by, so too do these gates situated at five campus entrances. Each of the new entries takes advantage of recently expanded thoroughfares on the north, south and east sides of campus by clearly defining the campus perimeter to create a distinct visual boundary.



Signs of momentum at UD are everywhere.

Transportation Improvements

Three major thoroughfares that border our campus have been significantly widened and improved. That, combined with the opening of the University of Dallas Station on DART’s new Orange Line, mean easier access to and from UD.

Haggar Center Renovations

A multi-million dollar renovation to the heart of the UD campus, the Haggar University Center, has resulted in a remodeled cafeteria serving area and upgraded furniture, as well as renovated restrooms, study and common areas.

Record Enrollment

As the visibility of our academic successes continues to grow, so does the size of entering freshman and graduating classes. In fact, the graduating class of 2012 was our largest ever.

National Recognition

Academic programs continue to be nationally recognized. Fiske Guide to Colleges, Forbes, PARADE, Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report and many others have all praised UD by placing us on their best universities lists.

By supporting our Vilfordi Plaza and gate projects, you can help sustain our momentum.

New Academic Programs

Four new majors have been added including computer science, engineering, human sciences in the contemporary world and nursing. All require completion of our rigorous, nationally-recognized Core curriculum.