The Garden Grotto

A Devotional Garden Grotto

Devotional Garden GrottoThe Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is located in a special on-campus space devoted to our Blessed Mother Mary. The alumni-driven effort was conceived as a sanctuary for students, alumni, faculty and staff. It serves as a place to meditate, worship, reflect, breathe and be — amid the nation's fourth largest metropolitan area and on one of the highest points in the Metroplex. While the stone from the Hill of Tepeyac serves as the shrine's foundation, the shrine houses a bronze sculpture of Our Lady. Located on the hillside behind Carpenter Hall, the shrine is settled against the treeline of the Haggerty Art Village woods, incorporating local Texas stone and the iconic mesquite tree.

The garden grotto for the Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine is a special place at the University of Dallas.