Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine Facts

The Shrine at a Glance

Groundbreaking Date: May 16, 2015

Opening Blessing: May 2015                                              

Estimated Cost: The Shrines construction is primarily being funded by the University of Dallas Alumni and community. The estimated cost is $250,000Our Lady Guadalupe installation day

Design: Jaime Dominguez – Mexican Liturgical artist, architect is the project’s creative lead. Dominguez will fabricate the bronze sculpture of Our Lady; Humberto DeGarrio, a Dallas metal artist will partner with Jaime Dominguez to fabricate the steel components of the project.

Construction: University Facilities Team

Location: Irving, Texas, at the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth metropolitan region; located on the hillside behind Carpenter Hall, the shrine will nestle against the tree line of the Haggerty Art Village woods.


Our Lady of Guadalupe: 6 feet tall; cast in bronze with a patina finish.

Cross: 13 feet tall with the arms extending 10 feet across; made of steel and welded by hand.

Mesquite Tree: 7 feet tall; made of steel, welded by hand and reflective of the University of Dallas campus and its landscape.

Plaza: 20 feet in diameter; a special  place on campus to serve as a place to meditate, worship, reflect and be.