2018 Honor Roll of Donors

2018 Honor Roll of Donors

The University of Dallas is grateful for the alumni, parents, faculty, staff, students, trustees, former trustees, corporations, foundations and friends who have invested in the future of this great university. Thank you to all these supporters for their gifts to UD.

The goal of the Advancement Services Department is to promptly and accurately acknowledge all contributions. If you have any questions regarding your giving to the University or the listing in this honor roll, please contact Jason Wu Trujillo, Vice President for University Advancement, at 972-721-5148 or email jwtrujillo@udallas.edu.

The honor roll below is reflective of gifts made between June 1, 2017 and May 31, 2018.


Dr. Mark Abbott
Mrs. Julie Hill Abell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Abide
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Abide
Mr. and Mrs. William Peter Abide
Dr. Margaret N. Abruzzo
Mr. Donald Abruzzo
Mr. Edwin Theodore Accomando
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Michael Ackels
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Acker
Mr. and Mrs. Don Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert L. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Adams
Mr. Charles Adams
Ms. Jasmine Adams
Dr. and Mrs. Holland Addison
Mr. and Mrs. Jagdish Prasad Agarwal
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Aguirre
Dr. Jeffrey John Ahlert
Mr. John Paul Ahne
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Akins
Mr. Mohammad Mahmoud Fahhad Al Ghananim
Mr. and Mrs. Abelardo A. Alaniz
Mr. Robert Alderink
Mr. Matthew William Alexander
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Allbright
Mr. Andrew J. Allen
Mr. John David Allen
Mr. Richard Arthur Allen
Mr. Steven Mark Allen
Drs. Larry and Claudia Allums
Mr. Juan Almandoz
Ms. Rosanna Alvarado
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Louis Alvares
Mrs. Leslie Alvarez
Mr. and Mrs. David Alvis
Dr. Wayne H. Ambler
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Ament
Mr. Derek Amoako-Arhen
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Amorella
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Amorella
Mr. Robert Edward Amorello
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Anderson
Mr. Warren L. Andres
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Andrews
Mr. and Mrs. Matthias Viet Tran Andrews
Father David Thomas Angelino
Mr. Kevin John Antene
Ms. Katherine Antigua
Dr. and Mrs. Alan G. Anz
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick T. Archer
Dr. Fernando E. Arellano
Ms. Brianna Maria Arias
Ms. Susan Patricia Arl
Mr. and Mrs. David Armato
Mr. Edwin Roland Armstrong
Mr. Harold Paul Armstrong
Dr. Joan Laura Arnold and Mr. Paul Steven Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Arrambidez
Ms. Cecilia Anne Arredondo
Reverend and Ms. Chad Ambrose Arrington
Ms. Sandra Asebedo
Dr. and Mrs. George Ashby
Ms. Michelle Ashcraft
Miss Monica Ann Ashour
Mr. and Mrs. Titus Timothy Ashour
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ashton
Mr. Andrew D. Assinesi
Dr. Paolo Asso
Dr. Marvin Douglas Atkins, Jr. and Dr. Kimberly Ann Pilkinton
Mr. Robert Swift Atkins
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Austin
Reverend Victor Lee Austin
Ms. Tina Maria Azamar
Mrs. Otelia Marie Azcona
Mr. David Olivier Azerrad
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Baca
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baca
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Francis Backus
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edward Bailey
Ms. Elizabeth Ann Bailey
Mr. and Mrs. James Baird
Mr. Andrew Johnston Baker
Mrs. Lourdes Tamez Baker
Mr. Timothy Hughes Baker
Ms. Cayli Balch
Dr. Dustin M. Baldridge
Mrs. Carolyn Marie Baldwin
Dr. Debra Baldwin and Mr. Timothy Baldwin
Mr. and Mrs. David Sidney Ballard
Mr. Joseph B. Baltz
Ms. Lucy Balusek
Dr. Edward G. Baptista
Fr. Thomas More Barba, O.P.
Mr. Matthew Barber
Mr. Hank Barbetti
Mr. and Mrs. Trey Henry Barbetti
Mr. James Phillip Barbosa
Ms. Connie Barcenas
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Thomas Barker
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Barkley
Mr. Gary C. Barnes
Dr. Lorraine T. Barnes
Dr. Alfonso Barrera
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Barron
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Joseph Barry
Mr. Michael J. Bartniski
Ms. Lisa Jo Bartsch
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Barvick
Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bartulica
Mr. and Mrs. James Bascom
Mr. and Mrs. James Hawkins Bascom
Mr. and Mrs. Fabius Bascon
Ms. Jaclyn Basilone
Mr. Eddie Hiram Bass
Mr. Billy J. Bass
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Olliver Bassett
Mrs. Kelly Woods Battaglia
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bauer
Dr. Richard Bauer and Dr. Julie Dahlquist
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Marshall Baughman
Dr. Donna Sue Dolle and Mr. Charlie Baumann
Mr. Bryce Baumann
Mr. and Mrs. Scott D. Baumbach
Reverend John Bayer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bayer
Mr. Nicholas Bayer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Bazin
Dr. Sara A. Beach
Mr. and Mrs. Rock Edward Beachner
Mr. Joseph G. Beatty
Mr. Michael Kelly Beauchamp
Mr. William Harrold Beaumont
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beckley
Mr. Robert B. Beckley
Mr. and Mrs. Killian P. Beeler
Ms. Erin Begle
Mr. Daniel J. Begley
Dr. Srinath Beldona
Dr. Greg Bell
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Bell
Monsignor John Paul Bell
Mr. Win Bell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Damian Bell
Ms. Joan Bellan
Mr. Donald W. Bendure
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Benner
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur A. Bennett
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Joseph Bennett
Mr. Gordon D. Bennett
Mr. Michael J. Benoit
Ms. Taylor Benvenutti
Ms. Carol Bercen
Mr. and Mrs. Boris Berezin
Ms. Marie L. Bergez
Mr. Brad Thomas Berhorst
Mr. and Mrs. Barry F. Berkov
Ms. Yvette Berman
Mr. James M. Bernard
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Berry
Dr. and Mrs. George Berzsenyi
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony W. Beshara
Mr. and Mrs. Domenico Bettinelli
Mr. Robert Beuerlein
Mr. Rishav Bhatta
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bick
Mr. and Mrs. John Bickel
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Biggins
Mrs. Julie Marie Billmeier
Mr. Frank Binch
Mr. Stephen Joseph Binz
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Frederic Bird
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Birden
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Bishop
Dr. Joseph W. Bitter
Father Francis Bitterman
Mr. Christopher E. Black
Ms. Renee Blackburn
Mr. Blaine K. Blackburn
Mr. Matthew A. Blan
Dr. Juan Santiago Blanch
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bland
Mr. Ronald Bland
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Christopher Blando
Dr. Sandra Leverne Blanke
Mrs. Shannon Blatt
Dr. Jessica Blaxton and Mr. Timothy Blaxton
Ms. Karen E. Bless
Mr. and Mrs. Peter H. Bloch
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Block
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bloemer
Ms. Gina Bludau
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Blum
Ms. Catherine Blume
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Blute
Mr. Joseph Michael Blute
Mr. Peter Lawrence Blute
Mr. Thomas Blute
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Boedecker
Mr. Mike Boeding and Mrs. Kathleen Ann Grothaus Boeding
Mrs. Lauren McIlvaine
Mr. and Mrs. David Boehm
Ms. Rebecca Bogie
Ms. Beverley Bolen
Ms. Ivanna M. Bond
Mrs. Gabriella Veleba Bondy
Ms. Mary C. Bonifield
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Boone
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick K. Boos
Father Ian Bordenave
Dr. Amy Borja
Mr. James Daniel Borkowski
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Borse
Dr. Levente Borvak
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Bouchard
Mr. Lyle Jude Boudreaux
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Preston Bounds
Ms. Suzanne Bouvier
Ms. Abby Rose Bova
Mr. Darren Bowden
Mr. Taylor Richard Bowlden
Ms. Julie Bowles
Mr. and Mrs. John Dickson Boyd
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Boyer
Mr. Robert Earl Boyer
Ms. LaShawnda Boykin
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Boyle
Mr. John F. Boyle
Mr. John Henry Boyle
Mr. William Francis Bradee
Ms. Elizabeth Dunn Bradley
Ms. Helen Anne Bradley
Mrs. Madelon L. Bradshaw
Ms. Petra Ruth Bradshaw
Mr. William Mark Bradshaw
Ms. Jennifer Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brady
Dr. Irene Theresa Brady and Mr. Thomas Derr
Mr. and Mrs. Marty Braham
Ms. Rachel Braham
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Joe Braly
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Branche
Mr. and Mrs. Edgardo Brandao
Mr. Nicholas Brandt
Mr. Thomas Christopher Brannen
Mr. Daniel J. Brassil
Ms. Robin Perry Braun
Mr. Frank Anthony Bravo
Ms. Debra Breckenridge
Dr. Robert Breger and Dr. Mary Breger
First Lieutenant Patrick Brehany
Mrs. Josie Brennan
Mr. Samuel David Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brennan
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bresnahan
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Brewer
Mr. and Mrs. David Bridges
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Brigden
Mr. and Mrs. John Barth Briggs
Mr. Jason Britsch
Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Britton
Mr. and Mrs. John Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lawrence Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Ekmark
Ms. Amy Bronstein
Mr. James Joseph Brophy
Dr. and Mrs. Brandon Brown
Mr. David Hopkins Brown
Mr. Kevin D. Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brown
Mr. Christopher H. Brown
Mr. Nathaniel Martin Brown
Mr. and Mrs. William Oliver Brown
Ms. Marissa Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Tanner J. Bruffey
Ms. Mary Elise Brule
Ms. Shannon Brush
Mr. Randall Thomas Buddenbohn
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Bugos
Ms. Lucie Buisson
Mr. Alexander D. Bukaty
Mr. Zachary Taylor Bulmanski
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Burch
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Burch
Ms. Mary Burch
Mrs. Sylvia Ann Burda
Mr. David Jeffrie Burgett
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Burghart
Mrs. Janet E. Burk
Reverend William Fischer Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edward Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward S. Burkett
Ms. Jane Autumn Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. Burkett
Mr. Tyson Kackley and Mrs. Genevieve Burkett
Mr. and Mrs. William Burleigh
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Burns
Mr. Iulian Mihai Burtea
Mr. Robert L. Burton
Mr. and Mrs. James Bush
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bush
Mr. Jason Matthew Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence J. Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Andrew Butler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Butler
Dr. Pamela Butler and Mr. Deron Butler
Mr. William Joseph Butterfield
Mr. Peter Buttross
Mr. Douglas Magruder Byrd
Mrs. Jennifer Patricia Byrne
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy William Byrne
Dr. Joni Lynn Caldwell
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Rory Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Callahan
Mr. and Mrs. Keith W. Callaway
Ms. Vicki L. Calton
Mrs. Anne Marie Calvet
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Joseph Calvey
Ms. Mary Bridget Campbell
Mr. Kenneth Charles Campbell
Mr. Anthony J. Campise, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Augustin Cancino III
Mr. and Mrs. Joe F. Canterbury
Mr. and Mrs. John Canty
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Canty
Mr. and Mrs. James Capehart
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Capizzi
Mr. Joseph Anthony Cappelletti
Mr. and Mrs. David Joseph Card
Ms. Priscilla Lea Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Carkhuff
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Carkhuff
Mr. Richard Andrew Carle
Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Carlson
Ms. Michelle Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Jared Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Carpenter
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Carr
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Carrano
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Giovanni Carranza
Mr. Jose Rafael Carreno
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carriker
Mr. Christopher Alan Carrock
Dr. and Mrs. Carl Bruce Carroll
Mr. Joseph Gregory Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Carver
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Casano
Mr. and Mrs. David Arthur Case
Mrs. Catherine Anne Caten
Dr. and Mrs. David Catlett
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Cavanaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Ramon Cavanna
Ms. Veronica Antonia Cazorla
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Cerroni
Ms. Elvia Cervantes
Mr. and Mrs. Gregg A. Cervi
Mr. and Mrs. William Sei
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Chandler
Maj. Eileen Chao
Ms. Emma Chaplin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Chapman
Mr. Bradley J. Charbonneau
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bryant Charnock
Dr. and Mrs. William Chavey, II
Mr. William E. Chavey, III
Ms. Clare Chavez
Mr. Hector Chavez
Mr. and Mrs. Hector Chavez
Mrs. Justina Chee
Mrs. Patricia D. Chenette
Mr. Joseph Chenette
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Chernoff
Mr. Douglass Senan Cheves
Mr. Glenn Chicoine
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel D. Chimento
Mr. Drew Chimento
Ms. Kenechukwu Chine
Mr. and Mrs. Oskar Chomicki
Ms. Keegan Elizabeth Chopin
Mr. Carey Bruce Christenberry
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Christensen
Ms. Christina E. Christensen
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Christenson
Ms. Greer Christian
Ms. Erica M. Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Christman
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cicala
Mr. and Mrs. Frank James Cinatl
Mr. and Mrs. James O'Toole
Ms. Paula M. Ciprich
Ms. Ann Brigid Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Buzak
Mrs. Megan Lorance
Mr. Thomas F. Clarke
Mr. Matthew Thomas Clarke
Ms. Jan Clary
Mr. and Mrs. Loreto Clavelli
Mr. Aaron Claycomb
Mr. Raymond Paul Clemente
Mrs. Amanda C. Stevenson Clerc
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Clune
Dr. and Mrs. John Patrick Coby
Dr. Katherine A. Coerver
Mrs. Barbara Ann Coffey
Ms. Alesia Coffman Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Leland G. Coggan
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Colbert
Mr. Robert Ivan Colbert
Dr. Joshua A. Cole
Mr. George P. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Cole
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel T. Coleridge
Dr. Corey J. Collard
Mr. Andrew Collart
Mrs. Mary Ann Collins
Ms. Isabella Collora
Ms. Velvet Colvin
Mr. Craig J. Colvin
Mrs. Lauren Clerc
Dr. Sue A. Conger
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Stephen Conley
Mr. Fred H. Connally
Father John Peter Connaughton
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Connell
Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Connelly, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Conner
Mr. James T. Connor
Mr. Barry B. Conrad
Mr. David Conti and Ms. Eileen Guerin
Mr. and Mrs. Cary C. Conwell
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Cook
Mr. Michael David Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Richard Cook
Mr. Adam David Cooper
Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Coppin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cordova
Mr. Christopher Bruno Cortez
Mr. Scott Cortez
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Cosgrove
Ms. Jennifer Jane Cottingham
Mr. John R. Coupe
Mr. William Donald Covington
Dr. John Bainard Cowan and Dr. Christine Noel Cowan
Mrs. Glencora C. Pipkin
Mr. Michael Bainard Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Cox
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Charles Williams
Ms. Vanessa K. Cox
Mr. Jesse C. Cox
Dr. and Mrs. Mickey Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Craig
Mr. Lloyd Gene Crain
Mr. and Mrs. James Cramer
Ms. Ruth Cramer
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Dexter Crane
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Matthew Crawford
Dr. Eric David Creeger
Dr. and Mrs. Scott Crider
Mr. Mark Douglas Cronenwett
Mr. and Mrs. Brendan Daniel Cronin
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ullrich
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cruz, Sr.
Mr. George L. Cruz
Sister Yolanda Cruz
Ms. Alma Cruz Gonzales
Mr. Felix Cuellar and Mrs. Susan E. Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Cullen
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Culpepper
Mr. Michael Scott Martin Cummings
Mr. and Mrs. John Arthur Curran
Mr. Robert Walter Curran
Mrs. Yvonne Vela Curran
Ms. Lois C. Curry
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Cusato
Mr. Franck Paul Cushner
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Cyr
Mr. Matthew Cyr
Ms. Adity Dahal
Mr. Joseph M. Daheim
Ms. Nona M. Dailey
Mr. and Mrs. Sean-Michael Daley
Ms. Chiara Daley
Mr. Steven Francis Dalhoff
Mr. Shaun Dalrymple
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Alan Daly
Ms. Clare M. Daly
Ms. Laura Louise Daly
Mr. Thomas P. Daly
Ms. Rachel M. Daly
Dr. David R. Damian and Dr. Anna Damian
Mrs. Anne E. Danaher
Mr. Paul Gerard Danaher
Mr. Ryan P. Danaher
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Daniel
Ms. Laurel Daniels
Ms. Patricia Ann Danko
Mrs. Kristine Marie Daris
Ms. Jean Marie Darling
Mr. Andrew Darling
Mr. Brett Darr
Ms. Corrie Anne Marie Daughters
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Daughters
Mr. Michael Dauphin
Ms. Kathleen C. Davern
Ms. Erika J. David
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Davies
Dr. and Mrs. David Oliver Davies
Ms. Judith Anne D'Avignon
Mr. and Mrs. James H. D'Avignon
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Clary
Mr. and Mrs. Frank C. Davis, III
Mr. and Mrs. William Davis
Mrs. Marie Elizabeth Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Davis
Mr. Paul Davis
Ms. Carolyn A. Davis
Mr. Scott Kevin Davison
Mr. David Clifford Dawson
Dr. David Dawson Vasquez
Ms. Lacy Christina De La Garza
Mr. Joseph Charles De La Torre
Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Joseph Deacon
Dr. and Mrs. Leonard Edward Deal
Ms. Christina Deal
Ms. Geri A Deaton
Mr. Christopher Francis deBettencourt
Ms. Danielle C. DeBry
Ms. Sashana Ellisse Decker
Mr. Matthew Joseph DeFusco
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Degenhart
Ms. Shayna Michelle Deitchman
Mrs. Jane Z. Delahanty
Dr. Anna M. Christianson
Mrs. Sharon DeLaughter
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Delaurier
Dr. Sheryl Dellinger
Dr. Mark Rubin and Mrs. Anne Den Dooven Rubin
Mr. James Harris Denison
Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Depew
Mr. and Mrs. Paul DePugh
Dr. Lee Ann E. Derdeyn
Ms. Stephanie Elizabeth DeRoche
Ms. Keelin des Rosiers
Mr. and Mrs. Edward deTar
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Detten
Ms. Margaret Laurel Dettmer
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Francis Dettmer
Mr. William Devlin
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Devlin
Ms. Anne Marie Devlin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Di Lucca
Ms. Lisa Dickerson
Mr. John Paul Dieffenthaller
Mr. Brian David Diehm
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Diggs
Mr. and Mrs. Paul DiIulio
Ms. Laura DiIulio
Dr. Benjamin Dilla
Ms. Maria DiLorenzo
Mrs. Nancy Dilorenzo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian DiMarco
Drs. Steven and Betty-Ann DiMarco
Mr. Lee Dinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. DiPietro
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas DiRocco
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dixon
Mr. Fred DLizarraga
Mr. and Mrs. Viet Doan
Mr. Kirk L. Dobbins
Mr. John M. Dockery
Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Doclar
Mr. and Mrs. Uday Doctor
Mr. and Mrs. William Dodd
Mr. Nicholas J. Dodson
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Doherty
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Domalakes
Ms. Virginia M. Dominguez
Ms. Kate Dominguez
Mr. Tom Donohue and Mrs. Angela Brodrick-Donohue
Dr. John Francis Donnelly
Mr. Joseph Christopher Donovan
Mrs. Susan Ellis Dorfmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Dorn
Mr. and Mrs. William Dostalik
Mr. and Mrs. Dominic A. Dougherty, IV
Mr. and Mrs. F. Kelly Dougherty
Mr. Kevin Scott Dougherty
Dr. and Mrs. Richard James Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Shawn Dougherty
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Dougherty
Mr. Joseph Dougherty
Mr. Ray Mitchell and Ms. Erin Dougherty
Mr. Michael R. Douglass
Hon. Dennis R. Dow
Ms. Melissa Dow
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Dowgwillo
Mrs. Anne Latterell
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Downs
Mr. Patrick Joseph Doyle
Ms. Teresa Lynne Dozer
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Dreisbach
Mr. Sampson Driskill
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Drummond
Mr. Johann M. D'Souza
Mr. James Charles Duffy
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Duggan
Mrs. Jacquelyn Duggan
Mr. Justin Daos Dugyon
Dr. Malik H. Dulaney
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Dulle
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dunikoski
Ms. Catherine T. Duplant
Mrs. Max Duplant
Dr. Robert S. Dupree
Dr. and Mrs. Richard G. Duran
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Edward Dusterhoff
Mr. and Mrs. John Leo Dyer
Dr. Charles W. Eaker
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Earle
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Eason
Dr. and Mrs. John Charles Eastman
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Eckelkamp
Ms. Pamela Edwards
Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Edwards
Dr. Jacob Eidt and Dr. Laura Eidt
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Joseph Ekmark
Ms. Narimann Elahmad
Ms. Clare E. Elfelt
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Elfelt
Mr. and Mrs. John Eliseo
Ms. Jerry D. Elizondo
Mr. and Mrs. Gasan Elkhodari
Mrs. Amy Pawlik
Mr. and Mrs. Billie Ellis
Mr. Christopher Ellis
Mr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Ellis
Reverend William A. Elser
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Engelke
Dr. Chad Engelland
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. English
Mr. David Erdman
Mr. Robert Arthur Escobar
Mr. Rafael Escobedo
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eshleman
Ms. Rebecca M. Espinosa
Mrs. Rebecca Espinoza
Dr. and Mrs. Paul W. Esposito
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Esser
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Estrada
Mr. Bruce D. Evans
Ms. Ursula A. Evering
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Ewing
Dr. Jennifer Gerarde Fackler
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Joseph Faecke
Mr. William Michael Fagan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Fairley
Mr. Jose Carlos Falomir, Jr.
Ms. Kathryn Sylvia Fanning
Ms. Kelly Frances Fanning
Mrs. Lysa Mattison Farah
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew D. Farley
Mr. Evan S. Farrington
Mrs. Karen Denise Fate
Ms. Yasmin S. Fatemi
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Faucher
Dr. Joseph Merkle Faulds
Mr. Robert Fazen
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander Federer
Drs. Martin and Janis Fee
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Anthony Fehribach
Ms. Angela Barelas Feit
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Feld
Mr. Charles F. Felderhoff
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Accardi
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd David Ferguson
Mr. Richard Fernandez
Mr. Joaquin Romeo Fernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Dihan Fernando
Mr. John Robert Fields
Mr. and Mrs. David Fincannon
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Finger
Dr. Andrew J. Fink
Mr. Jeffrey Fink
Mr. James Patrick Finley
Mrs. Frances Fisher
Ms. Paula Suzanne Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Fitzgerald
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fitzgibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Flatley
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fleck
Mr. and Mrs. Tracy Fleharty
Mr. Walter Lee Fleming
Mr. Kevin Eugene Flesher
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Fletcher
Mr. Gregory Lee Fletcher
Ms. Catherine A. Fletcher
Ms. Julie Flick
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Flood
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Marx
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Flood
Mr. Mike E. Florence
Mr. and Mrs. Alfonso Flores
Mr. Robert Joseph Florian
Mr. Joseph Flynn
Mr. Robert P. Flynn
Dr. Dale D. Fodness
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fojut
Dr. and Mrs. John R. Foringer
Mr. and Mrs. Rhett Forman
Ms. Jackie Forsyth
Dr. and Mrs. James Millard Fougerousse
Mr. and Mrs. James Fougerousse
Mr. Juan Rodriguez and Mrs. Jaqueline Fournier
Ms. Rachael Ann Fournier
Mr. Zachary Foust
Mr. Ellis Fowler
Mr. Robert Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Frame
Mr. Miravic Francia
Mr. Christopher William Francis
Mr. Tom Francis
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Robert Frank
Dr. Blake Allen Frank
Dr. and Mrs. William Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Frank
Ms. Genevieve Frank
Mr. George William Frazier
Ms. Cassie Marie Fredendall
Mr. Charles Lee Fredrick
Dr. Helen Freeh and Mr. John Freeh
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Martin Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Frei
Mr. and Mrs. James Hooper
Dr. and Mrs. Wayne Frei
Mr. William C. Frei
Mrs. Joan Marie French
Mr. Hugh Livingston French
Mr. and Mrs. Ronny L. Fritz
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Frost
Ms. Danielle M. Fuchs
Father Kristopher Fuchs
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Fuentes
Mr. Riley Fuller
Mr. Wayne B. Fuquay
Mr. Edward Fusco
Ms. Karen Rhea Abanes Gaabucayan
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gabele
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Gabriel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Gaffney
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Gaffney
Dr. and Mrs. Warren Austin Gage
Mr. Vincent Richard Gaines
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander T. Galbraith
Ms. Alison Exall Galbraith
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Galbraith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Galecke
Dr. and Mrs. Mayo Jaime Galindo
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ignatius Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. John Mark Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. John Edward Gallagher
Ms. Monica E. Gallagher
Mr. Robert Michael Gallant
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gallant
Mr. and Mrs. Leonardo A. Gallegos
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Epigmenio Galvan
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gangel
Mr. and Mrs. Val Garcia
Mr. John D. Garcia and Mrs. Diana Luis-Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. John Garcia
Mr. Brandon Garcia
Ms. Amanda Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Diego Alberto Garcia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gardiner
Mr. and Mrs. Seth M. Gartland
Mr. and Mrs. Myles Gart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Gartland
Dr. D. Daniel Garza
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Gasper
Dr. Stephen Gasper and Dr. Masha Barenbaum
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Anthony Gasser
Ms. Margaret Gasser
Mr. and Mrs. Danny Dorsel
Mr. Joseph Michael Gavigan
Ms. Shelley Gayler
Dr. Carol G. Gee
Ms. Gretchen Geisheker
Ms. Jordan Katherine Gempel
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Gempel
Mr. Michael H. Genewick
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gentry
Mrs. Sara Elizabeth Gentry
Mrs. Mini George
Mr. Scott E. George
Dr. and Mrs. Crosby Lawrence Gernon
Mr. and Mrs. Arnim Gerstenmeier
Mr. and Mrs. Leondray Gholston
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Gibbs
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Daniel Gibson
Mr. John W. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry A. Gieske
Mr. and Mrs. Carl A. Gigante
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph H. Gigler
Ms. Diane Mary Gilcreast
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gilcreast
Ms. Karen Marie Gill
Mrs. Kristin Gilles
Mr. and Mrs. James Arnold Gilman
Ms. Barbara Allan Gipe
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas B. Harmon
Mr. John J. Giromini
Dr. Vincenzo Giustino
Mr. Steven Todd Glaser
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Glick
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Glicksman
Dr. Lucas Jerome Godinez
Dr. and Mrs. Rodolfo Ignacio Godinez
Mrs. Renee Nephew Godinez
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Goerdt
Ms. Sheela Goh
Mr. Zachary Adam Golden
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Esteban Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Gonzalez
Mr. Colin Goodman
Dr. Mark Goodwin
Dr. Greer Geralyn Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Sandeep Gore
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jason Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Deryck Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Gorman
Ms. Teresa Marie Gorman
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Robert Gorman
Ms. Jessica Gorman
Mr. Jordan Andrew Gortmaker
Mrs. Susan M. Gosline
Mr. and Mrs. Lou Grabowsky
Lt. Col. Peter Graham
Mr. Luke Graham
Ms. Elaine Gramling
Ms. Joyce Marie Gray
Mrs. Pamela Burch Green
Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Green
Mr. Russell J. Greene
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell Greenfield
Mr. Andrew Brian Greenspan
Dr. and Mrs. David Kermit Gregory
Mr. William P. Gregory
Ms. Anna Lisa Gresham
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gerhard Greuling
Mrs. Geraldine Gribble
Ms. Carol Y. Griffith
Ms. Jessica Grigsby
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Groves
Mr. Shawn Groves
Dr. Barbara A. Gruner
Dr. and Mrs. John Guedalia
Mr. Martin Antonio Guerra
Mrs. Theresa G. Guerra
Mrs. Anne Margaret Guidry
Ms. Maureen S. Guilfoyle
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Gunn
Ms. Diane Susan Gunter
Dr. and Mrs. George Gurguis
Ms. Allison M. Guse
Dr. Carlos Jesus Gutierrez
Mr. Rama Gutlapalli
Dr. Laura Guzdiol Reilly and Mr. John Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Guzman
Mr. Roberto Guzman
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Guzman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Haaser
Mr. Jerry J. Haba
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hackett
Mr. Kevin W. Hager
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Eugene Haggerty
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Haggerty
Mr. Joseph Peter Haine
Senator and Mrs. William R. Haine
Mrs. Elise Haines
Mr. and Mrs. David Hajigeorgiou
Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Hall
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fenwick Hall
Dr. Rick Snyder and Dr. Shelley Hall
Mr. Vince Hall
Mr. Frederick Halverson
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Hambidge
Mr. Nicholas David Hambidge
Dr. Cristen Cat Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hamilton
Mrs. Arlene M. Hamm
Mr. and Mrs. John Hamm
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hamm
Mr. and Mrs. Brain K. Hammer
Mr. and Mrs. John Hancock
Mr. Thomas C. Hand
Ms. Catherine Hand
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Haney
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. Louis J. Hannegan
Mr. and Mrs. R. Thomas Hansell
Ms. Suzanne K. Hansen
Ms. Patricia Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Hanson
Reverend Ernest Leo Hardesty
Ms. Wendy Sue Hardt
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Hardy
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Hargrave
Mr. and Mrs. David Harman
Mrs. Christine Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Verlon P. Harmon
Mr. and Mrs. Eric R. Harnisch
Dr. Nathan Harris
Dr. David Hart and Dr. Cynthia Hart
Mr. William Ardon Hartley
Mrs. Juleeta Claire Harvey
Ms. Kendall A. Hasse
Ms. Diana A. Hassink
Mrs. Deborah Ann Hathaway
Dr. Peter J. Hatlie
Mr. James Henry Hawkins
Mrs. Nancy Hawman
Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Ray Haynes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Hayter
Ms. Kristin R. Healy
Ms. Siobhan Healy
Mr. William H. Heath
Ms. Elizabeth Anne Heeb
Dr. David Heekin
Mr. Matthew Dickerson Hejduk
Mr. James Grant Hellmuth
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hellwig
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hembree
Ms. Kathryn B. Hennessy
Ms. Mary Lillian Hennigan
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Henschell
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Michael Hermann
Mr. and Mrs. Ruben Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hernandez
Mr. Stephen Nicholas Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Herrera
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Andrew Hess
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew C. Hesse
Ms. Madeline R. Hesse
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hettler
Drs. Joseph and Cynthia Heyne
Drs. Nicholas and Emily Heyne
Drs. Thomas and Stacey Hibbs
Dr. and Mrs. David and Tammy Hicks
Drs. Steven and Sally Hicks
Mrs. Marta Higbie
Mr. and Mrs. John Michael Higginbotham
Mr. Frank Petway Highsmith
Mr. Thomas Lincoln Hill
Ms. Victoria Hill
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Christopher Hilliard
Ms. LaQuita Marca Hilzinger
Ms. Lora Ellynn Hinchcliff
Dr. and Mrs. Jacob Joseph Hyde
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. David Hinze
Mr. Alexander Hirschberg
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Hixon
Mr. Parker Hjelmberg
Mr. Nghia Hand and Mrs. Elodie Ho
Dr. Robert Hochberg
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hockridge
Mr. John Hocter
Ms. Rosamund Elanor Hodge
Mr. James D. Hoelke
Ms. Rachel Loretta Hoelker
Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Mark Hoelscher
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hoelscher
Dr. Gregory Hoelscher and Ms. Robin Sherwood
D.R. and B.P. Hoerster
Mr. David Keith Hoffmann
Mrs. Susanna Elizabeth Hoffmeister
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Hogan
Ms. Julia Marie Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Hohertz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Roy Holcomb
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy Wayne Holder
Mr. Michael Edward Hollern
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Holmes
Mrs. Jennifer Holub
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hoonhout
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gail
Mr. and Mrs. William Hopfer
Ms. Catherine Marie Horan
Mrs. Jessica Marie Hornsby
Mr. Syeda Hossain
Mr. and Mrs. David Hotchkiss
Ms. Kara Kristine Houser
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Hovde
Mr. John Howard
Mr. Thaddeus J. Howard
Ms. Keely Marie Howard
Ms. Sheila K. Howard
Ms. Serena Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cabot Howes
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hoy
Ms. Merry Lou Ann Hoynos
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Hrad
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hrbacek
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hryszko
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Huffer
Mr. Jason William Huffman
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Hughes
Ms. Eileen Patricia Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Hull
Mr. and Mrs. Michael David Humphries
Mr. Paul Hunker
Dr. Richard A. Huntley
Mr. Andrew David Hurzeler
Mrs. Mary Cecile Husar
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Husseini
Mr. and Mrs. John Husted
Mr. and Mrs. Don Hutchins
Ms. Mary Ann Hutchison
Ms. Moira S. Hyde
Mr. Cary Hyden
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ielmini
Deacon Michael Illerbrun
Ms. Mary Anne Ingram
Ms. Mary C. Ingram
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Iorio
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Irlbeck
Ms. Elizabeth Joan Isensee
Mr. Manus James Isensee
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Warren Israel
Dr. Maurice Ohaeheleren Iwunze
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Jace
Ms. Amy McGowan-Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Jackson
Mr. George Chempithra Jacob
Dr. and Mrs. Edwin Laurence Jacobs
Ms. Marion Kaye Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Todd G. Jacobson
Mr. Mohamad Saber Jafari
Mr. Lon Scott Jaffe
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Janas
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Janeczko
Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Jansen
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Janysek
Mrs. Shannon Margaret Jaquette
Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Eugene Jared
Mr. Henry Jaros
Mr. Steven Jaros
Dr. and Mrs. Antoni Tadeusz Jasnowski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Wollscheid
Mr. Russell Lane Jenkins
Ms. Mary Jenkins
Ms. Teresa Jenkins
Ms. Sheilah A. Jennings
Mr. Raymond Ellis Jennison
Ms. Amanda K. Jesse
Dr. Martha R. Jewell
Mrs. Leona Vocu-Jewett
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Jodziewicz
Ms. Emilie Ann Johannes
Ms. Marissa Christine Johannes
Mr. Andrew David Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Anstead
Mr. and Mrs. Armin E. Johnson
Ms. Chandler N. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. David Mark Johnson
Deacon Gary C. Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Russell Johnson
Mr. Jack L. Johnson
Ms. Jessica M. Johnson
Ms. Marguerite B. Johnson
Mr. Cecil K. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Johnson
Dr. Linda Johnson and Mr. Sam Johnson
Ms. Shannon Lea Johnson
Mr. Eugene Francis Johnson
Dr. Vivian Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Johnson
Mr. Gilbert O'Shea Johnson
Ms. Laurel Johnson
Ms. Maria Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Joiner
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Jones
Dr. and Mrs. William Arthur Jones
Ms. Jennie Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Mathieu Jonz
Mr. Robert E. Jordan
Ms. Adele P. Jorissen
Mr. Stephen Abraham Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. William Joseph
Mr. Stephen Franklin Joyce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Judge
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edward Judge
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Junker
Ms. Laura Marie Junker
Mr. Matthew Joseph Jura
Mr. John Fitzgerald Juraco
Ms. Karen R. Kaczmarski
Mr. Dennis L. Kaeb
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Kagan
Ms. Sofia Kagan
Mr. Henry Edward Kahlich
Mr. Robert Tsuyoshi Kai
Ms. Emilie J. Kain
Mr. Philip J. Kaiser
Mr. Arthur Kajfosz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kaladish
Mr. Mark Stepan Kalpakgian
Dr. Jean Kamat and Mr. Ravindra Kamat
Mrs. Kathleen Kaminski
Dr. and Mrs. Marek Kaminski
Mr. Steven Kaminski
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kane
Mr. Nam Won Kang
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Karako
Mr. Glen Jeffrey Katlein
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Earl Keever
Mr. James E. Keever
Mr. and Mrs. William Keffler
Ms. Cora Keil
Dr. and Mrs. Zachary Keith
The Most Reverend Gregory Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Donovan Kelly
Mr. Joseph Kelly
Mr. Richard David Kelly
Mr. Richard F. Kelly
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Kelly
Dr. Theresa D. Kelly
Mr. Kevin Kemp
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Kemp
Dr. Lynn K. Kendall, PhD
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Sean E. Kennedy
Mr. Brandon Edward Kenney
Dr. Theresa M. A. Kenney
Ms. Rachel Lauren Kern
Dr. Gerald Kerr
Mr. Anthony P. Kersting
Mr. Luke Joseph Kersting
Mr. Richard Keshishian
Mr. Kenneth Ronald Kesner
Mr. William H. Kewell
Ms. Lily Marie Key
Dr. and Mrs. Marcus Key, Jr.
Mr. Adeel E. Khan
Mr. Suraj Kharel
Mr. and Mrs. Raphael Khirallah
Mr. and Mrs. David Khirallah
Ms. Rachel Elizabeth Khirallah
Mr. S. M. Kiegerl
Mr. and Mrs. John Kilday
Ms. Anne Margaret King
Mr. and Mrs. John Kinney
Ms. Joy Kirsch
Dr. Heather Kissack
Ms. Erin Rose Kitten
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Leonard Klassen
Ms. Teresa Anne Klaum
Dr. Mary A. Klein
Mr. Stephen Klein
Mr. Matthew Klem
Dr. Kathryn Delores Kloepper
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bender
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Michael Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Knapp
Ms. Kelly L. Knorr
Mr. Arthur Kobin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M. Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Koessl
Mr. James Nelson Kolakowski
Mr. and Mrs. Kris and Pamela Kolesnik
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart J. Kolner
Mr. James John Konz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Kopchick
Dr. Joey Mathew Korah
Mrs. Margaret Korb
Mr. Michael A. Korson
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kossuth
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Koster
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Kostuch
Dr. Miriam Kotsonis and Mr. John Kotsonis
Mrs. Penny Koutsogeorgas
Mr. John R. Kraft
Mr. and Mrs. John Kralik
Ms. Elizabeth Kramer
Ms. Patrice Ann Krampff
Ms. Heather Kreager
Mr. Peter Krewet
Ms. Margaret W. Krewet
Mr. Mark R. Kubisch
Mr. Steven J. Kuehhas
Ms. Ann Kuehl
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kuehler
Dr. Robert Kugelmann and Dr. Laurie Dekat
Mr. and Mrs. George Kuhn
Mr. Sunny Kukreja
Mr. Avinash A. Kumar
Ms. Rebecca Ann Kumar
Mr. Sean Kunath
Ms. Jennifer Lynn Kunhardt
Ms. Deborah Elizabeth Kunkel
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Kuplack
Mr. and Mrs. James Kuzma
Ms. Kelly M. Kuzma
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. La Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Francis La Costa
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Laba
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory LaCour
Mr. and Mrs. William Lademan
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Lafrance
Ms. Emily LaFrance
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Edward Lagarde
Mr. Victor E. LaGarde
Mr. and Mrs. Francis D. Lagor
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Lambe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dominic Lanari
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Lanari
Mr. William J. Lancaster
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Landers
Ms. Genevieve Landregan
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Thomas Landregan
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paul Landreneau
Ms. Angela Dennise Landrum
Dr. Brett J. Landry
Ms. Janice Landry
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Laney
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Langsfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Lanier
Mr. Daniel Andre Lapierre
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lappe
Mr. and Mrs. James Lara
Ms. Jennifer Lara
Ms. Susana Lara
Dr. Terrence Arthur Larsen
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Stephen Lasswell
Ms. Emily Lataif
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Lattner
Mr. Mela Laucarie
Mr. Jonathan Louis Laurans
Mr. Benny Edgar Laureano
Dr. Valerie Lynn Laurel and Mr. Robert Liao
Mr. Patrick Law
Mrs. Kathy O. Lawrence
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mark Lawson
Ms. Angelica Lazarin Hernandez
Ms. Liza Leal
Mr. and Mrs. Larry R. Lechner
Mr. James Robert Lee
Mr. Jared Alexander Lee
Mr. Michael Glynn Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund S. F. Lee
Ms. Suzanne Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Leglise
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Pierre Leglise
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Lehmann
Mr. Matthew J. Leibowitz
Mr. Charles P. LeMaire
Mr. Simon Lemaire
Dr. Teresa Lemieux and Mr. Kyle Lemieux
Mr. Dave LeMire
Mr. Alexander C. Lemke
Mr. Kai Lin Len
Dr. and Mrs. John Lenczowski
Mr. Gregory Joseph Lensing
Mr. Steven D. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lerma
Mr. Jerome J. Lerner
Mr. Michael Ronald Leshner
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Lester
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Kiley
Mr. and Mrs. James Nolan Lewis
Ms. Kathrin Ann Lewis
Mr. Mark Daniel Lewis
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Ley
Mr. You-Ken Liew
Ms. Stacey Leann Ligon
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Lim
Mr. Gabriel Lim
Ms. Marie LiMandri
Mr. Donald Limberg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Horan
Dr. Aaron Ray Linderman
Ms. Chhian Ling
Father Benjamin R. Little
Mr. Brian Littleton
Ms. Jennifer Elizabeth Lobb
Ms. Sharon Lobb
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Francis Lococo
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. LoCoco
Mrs. Cecilia Gangluff Lody
Dr. Melanie Wells and Mr. Robert Loftus
Mr. Richard G. Long
Mr. Russell Lewis Long
Mr. William Courtney Long
Mr. Andrew Long
Ms. Leah A. Looten
Mrs. Diana Lopez
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Lopez
Ms. Cecilia Lopez
Ms. Susan Lopez
Mr. John Lopke
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Lorei
Ms. Maria E. Lorente
Mr. Mark Shelby Lott
Mrs. Katherine Anne Loufus
Mr. Kevin Dale Love
Mr. Daniel Ricardo Lowe
Mr. and Mrs. Harold C. Lowe
Mr. Lloyd Daniel Lowe
Dr. and Mrs. Mark D. Lowery
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Lozano
Mr. and Mrs. John Lubisich
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Joseph Luby
Mr. Collin James Lueck
Mr. Brendan Luke
Mrs. Taunya Luna
Mrs. Barbara Dale Booher Lunce
Mr. Shane Christopher Lungwitz
Dr. Paul Lyde and Dr. Carolyn Lyde
Mr. John Lyde and Mrs. Maricela Campos
Mr. and Mrs. Brian D. Lynch
Mrs. Gayle Anne Goodman Lynch
Dr. and Mrs. Hugh Lynch
Mr. and Mrs. John Lynch
Ms. Jeannette Lynch
Mr. James M. Lyons
Mr. Michael Christopher Lyons
Mr. Peter Lyons
Mr. and Mrs. Luis Maal
Dr. and Mrs. Shane Macaulay
Dr. Julia Sanders MacDonald and Mr. Robert Rando
Mr. Alexander R. Macdonald
Ms. Elizabeth Ann MacDougall
Mr. and Mrs. Hector I. Macedo
Mr. and Mrs. T. Godfrey Mackenzie
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Mackenzie
Ms. Mary S. Mackenzie
Ms. Allison Marie MacNealy
Mr. Christopher Joseph Maczka
Father Patrick Joseph Madden
Dr. John S. Maddux
Dr. Rosemary Maellaro
Ms. Michelle Marie Maese
Ms. Kara M. Maggiore
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Magness
Dr. Teresa Magnus and Mr. John Magnus
Mr. Michael Magusiak
Ms. Deirdre Anne Maher
Mr. Paul P. Mahoney
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Mahoney
Mr. Andrew William Main
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Maldonado
Mr. and Mrs. John Bloch
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Patrick Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Malone
Mr. Michael D. Malpiedi
Mr. James William Maney
Mr. Patrick G. Mangan
Mr. Darrel Aloysius Mank
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Manning
Ms. Leecia Manning
Mrs. Jennifer Manning
Dr. and Mrs. David Manuszak
Mrs. Bette B. Manzke
Mr. and Mrs. Francis L. Marchesini
Mr. and Mrs. James Marchi
Mr. and Mrs. John Marcolin
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Marcolini
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Maresh
Mr. Jose de Jesus Villasenor Marin
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Markin
Deacon Roger William Marks
Dr. and Mrs. Brannon Marlowe
Dr. and Mrs. Larry J. Marroy
Mrs. Katherine Margaret Martel
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Martin
Ms. Catherine Louise Martin
Mrs. Fanny Martin
Mr. James Frederick Martin
Ms. Kristin Jeanne Martin
Mr. James Patrick Martin
Mr. Kermit A. Martindale
Mrs. Constance Renee Martinelli
Mr. and Mrs. John Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martinez
Mr. Robert James Martinez
Ms. Amanda Martinez
Ms. Natalie Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Martinez-Varela
Ms. Jean Marie Martino-LeClerc
Mr. and Mrs. George V. Marusak
Ms. Bridget LaRocque Marx
Mr. Jeffrey Gerard Masley
Mr. Hal George Mason
Ms. Anna Marie Massey
Ms. Jennifer Edith Massicci
Ms. Lilia Masters
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Matejek
Mr. Bobby Mathew
Mr. James Mathew
Mr. Vincent C. Ashton and Mrs. Joanna Matos
Ms. Gail Mauretto
Dr. and Mrs. John Anthony Maxey
Dr. Ruth C. May
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Kirk Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Mayor
Mr. Mack Cliffton McAlister
Mr. Donald John McAllister
Mr. Gregory Martin McAndrew
Dr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Malone
Mr. Steven L. McBride
Mr. and Mrs. James McCabe
Mr. Robert J. McCaffrey
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph McCaffrey
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Arthur McCain
Mr. Gary F. McClish
Mr. and Mrs. Mike McCloskey
Ms. Rachel Walters McClung
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Douglas McCrory
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael McCrory
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Leo McCullough
Mr. and Mrs. Brian McCullough
Ms. Elizabeth McCutcheon
Mr. and Mrs. Richard McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Michael John McDermott
Mr. Robert McDermott
Ms. Linda Sharpe McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Tom McDonough
Mr. Steven Christian McDowell
Mr. Daniel Keith McDowell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles O'Donnell McElroy
Mr. and Mrs. Donald McEvoy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert James McEwan
Ms. Linda Marie McFall
Mr. Lawrence Edward McGauley
Ms. Elizabeth McGavran
Mr. and Mrs. James B. McGill
Mr. and Mrs. William Bernard McGillick
Mr. James Christopher McGovern
Mr. W. H. McGowen
Mrs. Laura McGowen
Mr. and Mrs. John F. McGrath
Ms. Teresa Renee McGrath
Mrs. Katherine A. McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Milligan
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene McGuirk
Ms. Sydney McGyver
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Mcintyre
Ms. Molly Therese McKean
Mr. and Mrs. David McNamara
Mr. and Mrs. Colin McNamara
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Keith McPherson
Mr. James Meara
Mr. Zachary Meckley
Mr. and Mrs. John Medaille
Mr. Miguel A. Medina
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Medley
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew John Meduna
Dr. Julie L. Meeker and Mr. Vincent J. Rossi
Mr. Griffith Chambers Mehaffey
Mr. and Mrs. Phil O'Beirne
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Alan Mehen
Mr. and Mrs. David Meinert
Mr. Gary E. Melle
Dr. Angelo C. Mendez
Mr. Richard Edward Mendoza
Ms. Michele Meny
Ms. Ann Marie Menz
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher O'Rourke Merkl
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Merry
Mrs. Grace Maloy Messina
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Michalak
Mr. Stephen James Mihalic
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Mihalski
Mr. Dwight Hubert Miles
Dr. Tiffany Jones Miller
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller
Mr. John Southall Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Miller
Mr. Troy Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel John Milligan
Mr. and Mrs. Madison J. Milliken
Mr. Todd J. Milner
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Mireles
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Mirus
Mr. and Mrs. Brandon Misko
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Paul Mistrot
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard E. Mitchell
Ms. Julia Mitchell Newlands
Mr. Maurice Alex Mitchell
Mr. Daniel Luis Mittnacht
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allan Mobus
Ms. Carolyn Mobus
Ms. Ann Marie Mochen
Ms. Gwendolyn Mohler
Ms. Rachel Mohr
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo Molano
Mrs. Mary Jean Moloney
Mr. and Mrs. Julio Montes
Ms. Gabriella M. Montes
Mrs. Gretchen Anne Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas E. Montoya
Ms. Maryclare L. Mooney
Ms. Amy Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Acker
Mr. and Mrs. Michael E. Moore
Mr. Leon Moore
Ms. Erin H. Moore
Dr. and Mrs. David Gilbert Morales
Dr. Andrew Damian Moran
Mr. David Moreno Guinea
Mr. and Mrs. Rolland W. Morey
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Morin
Mr. Theodore Morin
Mr. John G. Morris
Mr. John Edward Morris
Mr. Matthew Ross Morris
Mr. Michael Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Michael James Morris
Mr. and Mrs. John Coghlan
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Morrison
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Morse
Dr. Marguerite Mosack
Mr. and Mrs. William Moser
Ms. Barbara Z. Moses
Reverend John Paul Mosimann
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Mosmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. William Edward Moss
Mr. Marshall Douglas Moulis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Joseph Mrozek
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Joseph Muckenthaler
Ms. Ellen-Marie Muhlbacher
Dr. Elizabeth Mulig
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Mull
Mr. Daniel Vincent Muller
Ms. Mary L. Muller
Ms. Laura Jane Mulry
Mr. Elias Wamuludiki Muludiki
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Muncy
Ms. Laura Munoz
Dr. Patricia T. Munro and Mr. Larry Munro
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Murat
Mr. and Mrs. Burk Murchison
Mr. Austin Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Murphy
Ms. Mary Katherine E. Murphy
Mrs. Sharon Funcheon Murphy
Mr. Corey Murphy
Dr. Brian C. Murray
Ms. Elizabeth Murray
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Murray
Ms. Kelly Murray
Ms. Phyllis Gabriel Muska
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Muth
Mr. Andrew David Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Taito Nakagawa
Dr. Roshanak Namavari
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Napper
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Natali
Ms. Vanessa Anne Neblett
Mr. and Mrs. Leon J. Neihouse
Mr. Donald Fowler Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Molitor
Mr. and Mrs. Ted Nelson
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Nerbun
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Neri
Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Netsch
Deacon Joshua Martin Neu
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Neubecker
Mr. Joseph O. Neuhoff
Mr. Dipak Neupane
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Newman
Mrs. Lari Yvette Newman-Williams
Dr. Carmen Newstreet
Ms. Shyla E. Newton
Mr. Joseph M. Nganga
Ms. Hoai-Ngoc T. Ngo
Ms. Kim-Anh Ann Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Tien D. Nguyen
Mrs. Myha Thi Nguyen
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Nguyen
Ms. Amanda T. Nguyen
Mr. Jack R. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Nickel
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Frank Nicksic
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Christian Nielsen
Dr. Cynthia R. Nielsen and Mr. William Nielsen
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Louis Nieswiadomy
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Nixon
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Noe
Ms. Kelly Noonan
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. Norfleet
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Norman
Ms. Clara Ann Norman
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Thomas Norman
Mr. Timothy Norman
Dr. John M. Norris
Ms. Karen Suzanne Norris
Mr. John P. Norton
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Norton
Ms. Anne Novey
Mr. Stefan Paul Novinski
Professor and Mrs. Lyle Novinski
Mr. Vance S. Nygard
Mr. and Mrs. John Paul Nyhart
Ms. Carol Nyswonger
Ms. Faith D. Oakes
Ms. Sarah E. Oates
Mr. Rehan Obaid
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Obegolu
Reverend James Oberle
Mr. Victor Ekechi K. Obiako
Ms. Kelly O'Briant
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. O'Brien
Mr. Edward J. O'Brien
Ms. Elizabeth O. Dalla-Valle
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy O'Conner
Ms. Laurie Anne O'Connor
Mr. John Cappel and Ms. Molly O'Connor
Mr. Michael K. O'Donnell
Ms. Clare O'Donnell
Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Oetting
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O'Hagan
Mr. Terry J. O'Halloran
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis M. O'Hara
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holy
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Ohotnicky
Mr. George Wiley O'Kelley
Mr. Olalekan Adekunle Olayinka
Dr. Monica Oldenburg and Mr. Daniel Oldenburg
Mr. Seth Oldham
Mr. and Mrs. Rick O'Leary
Mr. and Mrs. Edward M. Oleksiak
Dr. Richard P. Olenick
Mr. Gerald Michael Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Oliveti
Mr. and Mrs. John O'Loughlin
Dr. Judith Gring Olson
Miss Veronica Marie O'Neil
Mr. and Mrs. Mark O'Neill
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas Orchard
Mrs. Carolina Ordonez
Deacon Isaac Orozco
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse P. Orsini
Mr. and Mrs. David Orth
Mr. Jonathan Matthew Osbaldeston
Dr. Andrew L. Osborn
Mr. Peter Osei-Adjei
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ostermann
Mr. and Mrs. James E. O'Toole
Mr. Isaac Oviedo
Mr. and Mrs. Shaun F. Pacious
Mr. and Mrs. Brian P. Padden
Mr. Jean Paul Pagette and Mrs. Delaine Creech
Mr. and Mrs. Tonse Vishwanath Pai
Mr. Srinivasa R. Pakala
Ms. Gladys E. Palacios
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Palomares
Mr. and Mrs. Pavlos Papadopoulos
Dr. and Mrs. Mark James Papania
Mr. Adam Douglas Papania
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Jasper
Ms. Janet Lynn Paradis
Dr. and Mrs. Joshua S. Parens
Ms. Michelle Parham
Mr. Nimesh Parikh
Mr. and Mrs. Gabriel Paris
Mr. David William Parker
Mr. James O. Parker
Representative Tan Parker and Mrs. Elizabeth Parker
Ms. Rachel E. Parkey
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Parlette
Mr. Zachry Dawson Parrott
Mr. Raymond Pasko
Mr. Samuel Pate
Mr. Ramanlal Prabhubhai Patel
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Scott Patterson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McEwan
Mr. Paul Patton
Mrs. Susan D. Pauler
Ms. Lauren Pauletti
Dr. Monica T. Paulo
Mr. Randall Merlin Paulson
Mr. Vincent Roderick Pawlowski, Esq.
Ms. Cherie R. Peacock
Dr. and Mrs. Marc Pecha
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Peisen
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Pellegrino
Ms. Alexandra C. Pellegrino
Mr. and Mrs. Mark D. Pelletier
Mrs. Pamela Jean Martin Pelzel
Ms. Veronica Pena
Ms. Clarice Patricia Peninger
Mr. John Travis Penter
Dr. Richard P. Peregoy
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Perez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Perkins
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Perl
Dr. and Mrs. Eric D. Perl
Mrs. Betty Perretta
Mrs. Carolyn Jane Perry
Reverend Michael William Petering
Mr. Daniel James Petersen
Dr. Mark Petersen
Mr. Frank Bernard Peterson
Dr. Sarah Marie Emmons
Mr. Christopher Petrawski
Mr. Christopher Michael Petter
Mr. Noah John Pettit
Mr. James C. Petzel
Mrs. Kimberly Gail Pfarr
Mr. Trong Phan
Ms. Therese Phan
Mr. Andrew J. Philip
Ms. Cathleen Lorraine Philips
Mrs. Denise Eileen Phillips
Ms. Donna Lynn Phillips
Mr. Charles Louis Phillips
Dr. Frank E. Piasecki
Mr. and Mrs. Roberto Picha
Ms. Donna Conley Pierce
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Robert Pierret
Mr. and Mrs. Tollie Pilgrim
Ms. Linda F. Pillion
Mr. Gregory I. Pimentel
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Pipak
Mr. and Mrs. James Pitstick
Mr. Michael A. Pitstick
Mrs. Susan Waits Pittman
Ms. Nichole Marie Plagens
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Daniel Plant
Mr. Ronald Platt
Mr. John Edward Platts
Dr. and Mrs. John G. Plotts
Dr. Kristi Renea Pogue
Mr. David Pohl
Ms. Katherine L. Polcar
Ms. Rachel Polzer
Mr. Mark Ryan Porembski
Mr. and Mrs. John Milton Posey
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Postell
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Potter
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Potts
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Powers
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas Preble
Dr. Linda Prejean and Mr. Mark Thompson
Dr. Irving D. Prengler
Ms. Amy E. Prestanski
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Edward Price
Mrs. Helen M. Priddy
Ms. Belinda D. Pridgen
Mr. and Mrs. Jose Prieto
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Probus
Mr. Michael J. Probus
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Promberger
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Branch Pruit
Ms. Eileen Marie Riggins
Ms. Catherine Anita Pullen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey L. Purcell
Mr. Joseph Christopher Pustejovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Quattrochi
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Quinn
Mrs. Theresa L. Quintin
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Rackers
Mrs. Jean Douma Radach
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Radkiewicz
Ms. Madelene Rafalko
Mr. Nicholas Ryan Rago
Mr. Ruchir Rahul
Dr. Diana Dudoit Raiche
Ms. Karen Elaine Rains
Dr. and Mrs. Lambert Rakowitz
Mr. Bernard Joseph Raley
Mr. David M. Ramirez
Ms. Kathleen M. Ramirez
Father Rafael Ramirez Gonzalez
Mr. Ray Anthony Ramon
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Ramos
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ramsay, III
Dr. Julia MacDonald and Mr. Robert Rando
Mr. and Mrs. John Fosha
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Rattenbury
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Joseph Rattliff
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Rawicki
Mr. Amir Razavi
Dr. Rose Simani and Mr. William Christopher Rea
Dr. Kristin T. Rearden
Ms. Annamica Reding
Mr. Ian Miles Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Thaddeus Redoutey
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Reedy
Mr. and Mrs. James Reid
Mr. John F. Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Reilly
Mr. Michael John Reilly
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Michael Reimann
Dr. Robert E. Reinke
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sprague
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jack Reiter
Mrs. Sarah Lynn Reitmeyer
Dr. Carolyn M. Rekerdres and Mr. Adama Rekerdres
Dr. Herbert Remidez
Mr. Juan Renteria
Ms. Jennifer Marie Resendez
Ms. Madeline Marie Respeliers
Ms. Elizabeth Cathleen Reyes
Ms. Francis Del Pilar Reyes
Ms. Angelica Rae Reyes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Reynolds
Ms. Hayley L. Reynolds
Dr. Susan R. Rhame
Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rhodes
Mr. John Marvin Rhodes
Ms. Meredith Anne Rice
Mr. Jeffrey H. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. David Lawrence Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. Don Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. William Raymond Richardson, Jr.
Mr. Ray Richelsen
Mr. Robert Richter
Dr. Colleen M. Rickert
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony R. Riela
Mrs. Emily Catherine Lyon
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford P. Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rilley
Ms. Clare E. Rindone
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Streett
Mr. David Ringwald
Mr. John G. Risch
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Riskey
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Ritter
Mr. and Mrs. Ryland Rivas
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Roach
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Robak
Mr. David Eugene Roberson
Mr. and Mrs. James Gerard Roberts
Dr. Bruce Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Allen Robertson
Ms. Anastasia Robinson
Dr. Neal J. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Robinson
Dr. Elizabeth Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Rodriguez
Mrs. Monica Dratwick
Mr. and Mrs. David Kehl
Ms. Alisa Rodriguez
Mr. Christopher David Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Rogers
Mr. Jonathan E. Rogers
Mr. Harry Wayne Rogers
Mr. Richard P. Rogers
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Rogers
Ms. Allison S. Rogers
Mr. Erik Roman
Dr. Ronnie Rombs and Dr. Kathryn Rombs
Ms. Elisa Ron
Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Susan Rooke
Mr. Robert Gerard Rooney
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory Lee Roper
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rosaschi
Mr. James A. Ross
Mr. Robert John Rossato
Mrs. Shena Rossettie
Mr. John Rossi
Ms. Brenna Rossi
Dr. Carl and Mrs. Ellen Rossini
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rossini
Ms. Julia C. Rossini
Ms. Annette Marie Rossman
Mr. Michael Alan Rouse
Mr. Patrick J. Rowles
Dr. Jeannine Rozas Cook
Ms. Auksuole Aurelija Rubavichute
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard C. Ruby
Ms. Mary L. Ruebelmann
Mr. and Mrs. Mark David Ruiz
Mr. David Emmanuel Ruppert
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis R. Rush
Mr. and Mrs. John Russell
Mr. Brian D. Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Russo
Mr. and Mrs. John William Russo
Ms. Patricia G. Russo
Dr. Rachel A. Russo
Mr. and Mrs. Ian Scot Rutherford
Mr. Michael J. Rutherford
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Peter Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Denis Francis Ryan
Ms. Mary Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Rybicki
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rydberg
Ms. Anne Ryland
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Saar
Ms. Ingeborg Marie Saenz
Dr. and Mrs. Louis Safranek
Ms. Bridget Safranek
Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Lopez Salazar
Mr. Carlos H. Salazar
Mr. Stephen Sale
Mr. Jim Salter
Mr. Scott Lynn Salzman
Ms. Marie Salzmann
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Samaniego
Mr. and Mrs. Jarred Wayne Samples
Mr. and Mrs. Cesar Sanchez
Mr. and Mrs. J. Antonio Sanchez
Ms. Jennifer Michelle Sanchez
Sister Mark M. Sandy
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Sanford
Dr. Jonathan Sanford
Mr. Sabyasachi Sanyal
Ms. Jennifer Saunders
Mr. Adam Nathan Saurwein
Mr. and Mrs. Eric C. Sauvage
Mr. and Mrs. Geoffrey Say
Mr. James Leo Scanlon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scarlett
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Martin Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schaffer
Mr. Richard M. Schaffner
Mr. Michael Todd Scharff and Mrs. Cynthia L. Simpson-Scharff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schemel
Ms. Maria Schena
Ms. Teresa Schichl
Mrs. Diane P. Schindler
Mr. and Mrs. David Schlafly
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan William Schlueter
Mr. Christopher D. Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Fred Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Schmitz
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory William Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Schneider
Ms. Sarah Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Schneller
Mr. George Schneller
Ms. Jessica Lynn Schnepp
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Schofield
Mr. Joseph Scholz
Mrs. Carolyn Matzner Schrader
Mrs. Gail Ann Schroeder
Mr. Paul Edward Schuberg
Mr. Martin J. Schubilske
Mr. and Mrs. Carey E. Schulten
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gary Schumann, Jr.
Mr. Jeremy Joseph Schwab
Mr. David Lester Schwan
Ms. Judy Kinder Schwoch
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Scioli
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Scott
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Scotti
Mr. William Edward Scully
Dr. M. Sandra Scurria
Mr. and Mrs. John Searson
Mr. Kevin A. Seay
Dr. Roberto A. Secaira and Dr. Maria M. Secaira
Mr. Andrew Raphael Sefranek
Mr. and Mrs. William Charles Sei
Mr. Daryl Lee Seibel
Mr. Timothy Jay Seibel
Mr. and Ms. Michael Seifert
Mr. Anthony P. Seiler
Mr. and Mrs. Steve F. Seitz
Mr. Jack Richard Sellers
Mr. and Mrs. Jonah J. Selner
Dr. Dennis L. Sepper
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Serafy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Minhaj Servaes
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Sexton
Mr. Vikas Sharma
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Shaughnessy
Mr. and Mrs. Timmy Sheeley
Mr. Nathan Graham Sheely
Mr. Brian J. Shelburne
Dr. and Mrs. James H. Shelton
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Shenk
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Michael Sherburne
Ms. Martha Ann Sheridan
Ms. Ruchi Sheth
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Sheumaker
Dr. Jeremiah J. Shiplov and Mrs. Mary M. Shiplov
Mr. Pierce Shivers
Mr. John Todd Shofner
Dr. Phillip Shore and Ms. Sherry Girotas
Mrs. Anita Shorosky
Mr. Charles Shoultz
Mr. Rodney Shrader
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Shumay
Ms. Tersea C. Shumay
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Alexander Sica
Mr. Joseph Sides
Mr. and Mrs. Sergei Sidorenko
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Siebrecht
Mr. Adam Trinidad Sierra
Mr. Vernon M. Sikorski
Mr. Raymond David Siler
Ms. Catherine Silverberg
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Edward Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. Lance Simmons
Ms. Rebecca Lynn Simmons
Mrs. Patricia Ann Simon
Ms. Theresa Louise Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Simoneaux
Mrs. Amie Simoneaux
Dr. Kim T. Simons
Mr. Erik Anthony Singh
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Alan Skinner
Mr. and Mrs. S. Alan Skinner
Mr. William Sladek
Mr. and Mrs. David Slaughter
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Smart
Mr. Michael Raymond Smesny
Mr. Frederick C. Smiga
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Bronson Smith
Ms. Karen Ann Smith
Dr. Megan Anne Smith
Dr. Sally J. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephan Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Smith
Mr. Clifford Smith
Mrs. Julie Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Chad Smithson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Smyczek
Dr. Eugene J. Snouffer
Rear Admiral Paul Sohl and Mrs. Kathryn Sohl
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Somers
Ms. Jenna Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sommer
Mr. and Mrs. George Soriano
Mr. and Mrs. William Sorrels
Mr. Andrew Joseph Spahn
Mr. and Mrs. Luke Wesley Speier
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Spence
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Lawrence Spenla
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Spinner
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Walter Spiro
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew J. Spring
Ms. Lynne Marie Sprugel
Mr. and Mrs. John Spurgin
Mr. Blake Anthony St. Onge and Mrs. Kelly Haynes St. Onge
Mr. and Mrs. Britton St. Onge
Dr. Edward William St. Ville
Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Stack
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wayne Stanford
Ms. Julie Rajka Stankovic
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Stanley
Mrs. Kathleen Stanton
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stanzel
Ms. Carla Starman
Dr. Howard Starr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Starrett
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth W. Starzer
Mr. Forrest M. Statler
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Shepherd
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Stauduhar
Mr. Zebediah A. Stearns, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Stebbins
Mr. Christopher Daniel Stehno
Mr. and Mrs. William Steiger
Ms. Mary Steinberg
Dr. Ellen M. P. Steinmiller
Dr. Emily Elizabeth Speller
Mr. Drew Stenesen
Dr. Richard Martin Stepnowski
Mr. Robert John Sterrett
Ms. Debra Delaine Stevens
Ms. Morningstar Stevenson
Dr. Marilyn G. Stewart
Mrs. Christine Stinecipher
Mr. and Mrs. David Stirling
Mr. and Mrs. John William Stirton
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Stocco
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Stocco
Dr. Victoria Kathryn Stocker
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Dennis Stoebner
Mr. and Mrs. Ludwig Stoeckl
Mr. and Mrs. Frank T. Stokes
Mr. Christopher D. Stone
Dr. Charles R B Stowe
Ms. Louisa Stranczek
Mrs. Jane Strand
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Strange
Mr. and Mrs. Cory Strange
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Streett
Mr. and Mrs. Leyland John Streiff
Reverend Robert L. Strittmatter
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Stryk
Reverend Ronald Roman Studenny
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Alan Stuekerjuergen
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Stufflebeme
Mr. Kelly Ray Styles
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Sulkowski
Dr. Charles R. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Herrington
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dominic Sullivan
Mr. Thomas Patrick Sullivan
Mr. Jeremiah Sullivan
Mrs. Rose Surtees
Dr. and Mrs. Sean David Sutton
Dr. Stephanie Swales
Mr. and Mrs. John Swales
Dr. and Mrs. Alan C. Swann
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Swartz
Ms. Mary Kelsey Sweeney
Ms. Rose E. Sweeney
Ms. Lisa Ann Sweeney
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Sweet
Dr. Erica Swegler and Mr. Paul Swegler
Dr. Francis R. Swietek
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Swihart
Mr. and Mrs. John Swink
Mr. and Mrs. John Joseph Swink
Mr. Joseph C. Swope
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Syski
Mrs. Monica Elizabeth Szabo-Nyeste
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Szempruch
Mr. Douglas Jeffery Taber
Ms. Renee Therese Talamantez
Ms. Michell A. Tamez
Mr. Nicholas Anthony Tammaro
Mr. Michael J. Tann
Mr. and Mrs. John Anthony Tatom
Mr. Alexander J. Taylor
Mr. Carl Thomas Taylor
Mrs. Christine Jean Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Shorter
Mr. and Mrs. Brad L. Taylor
Mr. William R. Tennant
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Terracina
Dr. Michael Darius Terranova
Mr. Robert Terry
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Thelen
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Thelen
Mr. Alec Hoffman Thie
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Thnay-Hu
Dr. Gail Thomas and Mr. Robert Thomas
Mrs. Lincy Pathalil Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Thompson
Reverend D. Timothy Thompson
Mr. J. C. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Thornton
Mr. Richard Garret Tilghman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Mason Tiller
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Tindall
Dr. Tina L. Tinley
Dr. Imelda Michelle Tjia
Dr. and Mrs. Steve R. Tjia
Mr. and Mrs. Adam Nicholas Todd
Mr. and Mrs. David Dean Toombs
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Torre
Mr. and Mrs. Justin Alan Torres
Mr. Daniel Jacob Torres
Ms. Nubia Yurianna Torres
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Torres
Mr. Jose Solano Torres
Mr. Carl J. Tosetto
Mr. and Mrs. Walter P. Townsend
Mr. Perry Edward Trachier
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Joseph Tracy
Ms. Bonnie K. Trainor
Ms. Julie Moran Travis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Joe Traylor
Ms. Cathleen A. Treacy
Ms. Janet Trejo
Ms. Nancy Marilyn Tresp
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Trimble
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Thomas Trimmier
Ms. Mary E. Trinko
Mr. Jason W. Trujillo
Mr. Thomas Trumble
Mr. John F. Tryon
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie W. Tschoepe
Mr. Aaron Neal Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Shane M. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde William Tullis
Mr. Stanley F. Turek
Ms. Elizabeth W. Turicchi
Mr. and Mrs. John Turner
Mr. Gerald Turner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Tusa
Dr. John Michael Tutuska
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tweedel
Ms. Mary K. Twetten
Ms. Regina Marie Uhl
Ms. Lisa Marie Ulrich
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Underwood
Reverend Daniel S. Utrecht
Ms. Sue Ann Utz
Ms. Avery R. Utz
Dr. Lynn Elizabeth Uzzell and Mr. Lawrence Uzzell
Dr. Alex Bruno Valadka
Dr. Shannon Valenzuela and Mr. Francisco Valenzuela
Dr. and Mrs. Gregory R. Vall
Mrs. Kristin Van Cleve
Mr. Keaton T. Van Eck
Mr. Tom Van Schaick
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Siclen
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Van Slyke
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Jerome Vanderslice
Mr. Bryan Clark VanGilder
Ms. Jenna Vardell
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Vaughan
Dr. and Mrs. George Ashby
Mrs. Diana Banyai
Mr. Jeffrey Joseph Vehige
Mr. and Mrs. Santhosh Vengattery
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Verderese
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Verderese
Ms. Mary Elizabeth Vernino
Deacon and Mrs. Craig Victor
Mr. and Mrs. David Vielhauer
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Villanueva
Mr. Glenn Thomas Villemaire
Mr. Justin Blan and Mrs. Charmi Vince Blan
Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Violante
Ms. Sharla Vitsentzos
Mr. Frederick Harold Vonnahme
Mr. and Mrs. John Voss
Mr. S. Scott Voynich
Mr. and Mrs. Steven S. Voynich
Mrs. Caryn Goloby Vukelich
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Wade
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Wadle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Wadle
Ms. Patrice Wager
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholis Wagner
Mr. Abdul Waheed
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walbran
Mr. Christian F. Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Walker
Mr. Paul Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Walley
Mr. Keith Thomas Walsh
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Walsh
Dr. C. Wesley Walter
Mr. Rodney John Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Walterscheid
Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Damien Walz
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Wandrey
Ms. Ying D. Wang
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Warborg
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ward
Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Ward
Mr. William Warren
Ms. MacKenzie Warrens
Mr. Carl Edward Wasaff
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Francis Wasko
Dr. Bernadette Waterman Ward and Mr. Alan Waterman
Mr. and Mrs. Carson Watley
Mr. Michael L. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel G. Watts
Mr. Gihad Wazwaz
Mr. and Mrs. John Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Weber
Mr. Al Tim Webster
Mr. and Mrs. David Webster
Dr. Gerard B. Wegemer
Mr. Carl Wegerer
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Weglarz
Dr. Michael Edward Wehrle
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Thomas Weigel, II
Mr. William Philip Weiman
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Weis
Mr. W. Douglas Weisbruch
Ms. Natalie Anne Weisse
Mr. John Jeffrey Wellik
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brent Wells
Mr. and Mrs. William Kelly Wells
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Wendler
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Wensinger
Mr. Michael W. Wescott
Dr. Mary and Mr. Michael West
Ms. Susannah Joy West
Mr. and Mrs. Burl West
Mr. Juan Cristobal Wester
Mr. Thomas Matthew Westman
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Whalen
Ms. Antoinette Marie Whalen
Dr. and Mrs. Theodore J. Whapham
Mr. and Mrs. James Eugene Wheaton
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Wheaton
Mr. Dennis Michael White
Mrs. Lely K. White
Mr. Mark Raymond White
Mr. and Mrs. Martin G. White
Mrs. Debrah White
Mr. Peter Edward White
Ms. Mary Rose White
Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Whitney
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Whittington
Mr. David Russell Whitworth
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Joseph Whitworth
Ms. Maria Whitworth
Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Wiedenfeld
Ms. Molly Wierman
Mrs. Catarina Teresina Wignall
Ms. Katharine Pauline Wignall
Mr. John Richardson Wilcox
Mr. John Angelo Armando Wilcox
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Wilhelm
Mr. James Wilkerson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilkinson
Dr. Gary F. Wilkinson
Mr. Titus Willard
Ms. Charlene S. Williams
Mr. Charles H. Williams
Mrs. Cheryl Lynn Williams
Mr. and Mrs. James Barclay Williams
Mr. Robert S. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams
Mr. Branden R. Williams
Mrs. Tracy Williams
Ms. Bridget Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Geist
Ms. Emily C. Wilson
Mr. Shayne Kyle Wilson
Mr. John M. Wilson
Mr. John David Winchell
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Wingard
Mr. and Mrs. Jon Wingert
Dr. Kathryn Annette Winick
Mr. and Mrs. John Wise
Mr. Matthew W. Wise
Mr. Mark William Wisness
Mrs. Crystal Marie Wissinger
Dr. and Mrs. Keith Frederic Woeltje
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Wohldmann
Dr. Chong J. Wojtkowski
Mr. Getinet Woldmariam
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Wolfe
Dr. Christopher James Wolfe
Mr. Jonathan Wolfe
Ms. Marisa Anne Wolfe
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Randal Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Louis Wood
Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wood
Dr. and Mrs. William Woodfin
Mr. Michael Woodrum
Ms. Margaret Woodrum
Dr. Brian Daniel Woods
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Woods
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Woods
Mr. Brian Douglas Wrozek
Dr. Douglas Ferdinand Wuenschel
Dr. Nilda M. Martinez-Wuller and Mr. Robert Wuller
Dr. Robert Edward Wuller
Dr. Judith Wylie
Dr. Kevin Wylie and Dr. Marsha Martinez-Wylie
Dr. Walter Scott Wysong
Mr. Serpian Yaliweisei
Dr. Krissy Maki Yamamoto
Mr. and Mrs. Brent T. Yamauchi
Mr. Shan Min Yang
Mr. Theodore Christian Yarbrough
Mrs. Margaret Yates
Ms. Terri Yeh
Mr. Charles F. Yeterian
Mr. and Mrs. Derek Yoder
Mr. Takashi Yoshizaki
Dr. Denise Y. Young
Mrs. Gloria Mitchell Young
Mr. Mark Ronald Yujuico
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Zabilski
Ms. Alaina Marie Zachmann
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Thomas Zajicek
Ms. Maimuna Bala Zakari
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zakrzewski
Dr. Renee McKinney and Mr. Jack Zanini
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Easley
Mr. Andrew Zaugg
Ms. Mariana L. Zayas
Ms. Marcia A. Zelinsky
Mr. Matthew Zelinsky
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Zellers
Ms. Amelia Ziegert
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Zimmermann
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Francis Zimmermann
Ms. Anne Marie Ziolkowski
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Zischkau
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Michael Zohorsky
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Zuniga
Mr. and Mrs. Salvador Zurita

Corporations & Foundations

Albertsons Safeway
American Airlines
Ameriprise Certificate Company
Aramark Corporation
Aristotle Capital Management, LLC
Atmos Energy
Ayco Charitable Foundation
Babich & Associates
Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
Belmont Foundation
Ben E Keith Company
Ben G. Barnett Foundation
Benevity Community Impact Fund
BP Foundation, Inc.
Bright Funds Foundation
Capital One Services
Carpet Services Inc.
Center for Thomas More
Chocolate Bayou
Christus Health
Church of the Incarnation
Communities Foundation of Texas
Community Foundation of Central Illinois
Constantin Foundation
Constellation New Energy
DeSoto Janitorial Supply
Diocese of Dallas
Ed Haggar Family Foundation
Enterprise Holdings
ExxonMobil Foundation
FHEG-University of Dallas Bookstore
Fidelity Advisor Charitable Gift Fund
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift
Fort Worth Early Music
Fourth St. Performance Partners Inc.
Frost Bank
GE Foundation
Glacier Construction Co. Inc.
Goldman Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program
Greater Washington Community Foundation
Gulf Energy Mechanical Inc.
Gulf Exploration, LLC Revenue Distribution
Halff Associates, Inc.
Hatton W. Sumners Foundation
Hess Corporation
Highfield Capital, Inc.
Hill & Wilkinson Construction Group, Ltd.
Hillcrest Foundation
Hoblitzelle Foundation
Holmes Murphy & Assoc., LLC
IBM Foundation
IMA Foundation
Infinity Contractors International, Ltd.
Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Jackson Walker L.L.P.
JDC Business Corp
Johnson & Johnson
Joseph O. Neuhoff Charitable Trust
Jostens Inc.
Khirallah, PLLC
King Public Relations
Kirkland & Ellis Foundation
KoonsFuller, PC
KPost Company
Legacy Texas Bank
LFG, Inc.
Lockheed Martin University Matching Gift
LPL Financial
Mario Sinacola Companies
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation
Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner, & Smith Inc.
Minnie K. Patton Scholarship Foundation Trust Grant
MobileCause, Inc.
Morgan Stanley
Munich Reinsurance America, Inc.
National Financial Services LLC
National Philanthropic Trust
Nationwide Foundation
Network For Good
Nordstrom Charitable Giving
Oklahoma City Community Foundation
Orange County's United Way
Order of Malta Federal Association
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The Catholic Foundation
The Crusader Alumni Soccer Fund
The Dallas Foundation
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The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Inc.
The Larsen Foundation
The National Christian Foundation
The Patrick and Beatrice Haggerty Foundation
The Rea Charitable Trust
The Rydberg Family Charitable Fund
The Sursum Corda Foundation
The T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
The U.S. Charitable Gift Trust
The Westerman Foundation
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