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Weber FamilyAustin, Donna, Katherine and Tim Weber

UD is helping Katherine stoke her academic passions and pursue beauty, truth and goodness. This is becoming a rare experience in academia. We are delighted to strengthen our ties with UD and support the university as Parent Ambassadors.
— Tim and Donna Weber

They left your home to come here, the University of Dallas, to delve into new experiences and, in many ways, acquaint themselves with a whole new world. Through your children, you too became forever a part of the UD community, though you might not always have known how to remain actively engaged. Now, the Parent Ambassadors invite you to join them in proudly supporting and promoting our university.

As a UD Parent Ambassador you will join a community of grateful parents of current students and alumni who wish to promote, support and engage with the University of Dallas.

As a Parent Ambassador, you will receive:

  • A welcome packet with resources and information.
  • Opportunities to engage with UD faculty, staff and leaders.
  • Community and connection with other grateful UD parents.

Become a Parent Ambassador

UD Parent Ambassadors are parents of current students and alumni who:

  • Make an annual philanthropic gift to support UD.
  • Educate fellow UD parents about the importance of supporting the Cor Fund.
  • Attend UD Alumni and Family Weekend and/or regional events for UD parents, alumni and prospective students and families.
  • Help build relationships among UD parents and between parents and the university.
  • Support Admissions as a UD delegate to college fairs or in serving on a parent panel.
  • Recommend your own or another company to recruit UD students through our Office of Personal Career Development.
Cyndy and Jeffrey Bishop

As grateful alumni of the Braniff Graduate School, we’re thrilled that our daughters Madeleine and Isabel both have chosen to attend UD for their undergraduate degrees. We know the kind of liberal arts education that UD provides, and we know that it prepares students for success in a myriad of fields like medicine, business, science and technology. UD has changed the life of our family. We hope you will join us as Parent Ambassadors to support one another and our children in the intellectual and spiritual endeavor that is UD.

— Cyndy Bishop, MH ’97, and Jeffrey Bishop, M.D., PhD ’09 (P 20,21)

Become a Parent Ambassador

Join us for Alumni & Family Weekend 2018!