Athletics - Nurturing Mind and Body

The student-athletes at UD have long been an example of UD’s purpose in developing the whole student; mind, body, and soul.  To better support our student-athletes and to promote UD’s desire to develop the whole student, all of UD’s Athletics Department facilities are in need of renovation and, in some cases, replacement, with the following priorities:


Soccer Pitch- Field: leveling and making regulation size

- Lights

- Retaining wall

- Bleachers



Baseball- Press box

- Bleachers

- Plaza with restrooms and concessions



Track/Rugby Pitch

Rugby- New rugby pitch

- New track

- Road leading to the pitch/track

- Parking



Additional general Athletics Department wish list items include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Natatorium
  • Field House
  • Tennis Courts
  • Weight Room