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Honoring Dr. Doe

Dr. Doe Stories

What I remember most about Dr. Doe is his calm demeanor and infinite patience with us, including his address of even dumb questions.

— Mayo J Galindo Jr, MD
   BA Biology ’76

Thank you so much for the good memories. We always felt loved and cared for as individuals.

Even with their busy schedules and myriad students, Dr. Doe and Sr Clo always remembered each one of us by name (for better or worse). One semester, Sister Clo passed out a final exam to the class. She sat down at her desk, and gave this profound pre-test advice, “Now remember class, THINK.” Thirty YEARS later, and thirty years older, I stopped by Dr. Doe’s office, and he still remembered me! What an amazing memory and a truly caring teacher! They will always be a part of my fondest memories of UD

— Valerie Liao
   BS Biochemistry ’89

When I began my studies at UD, I thought I didn't need to take first-year biology since I had two years of a good program in high school. I was wrong.

Dr. Doe was challenging and kept me awake at 8 a.m.! I return to my copy of Darwin's Species and reread it every few years.

Dr. Doe is one of the reasons I fell in love with science. He had high expectations and was always available for questions and discussion. I remember telling Dr. Doe that I was accepted into graduate school and seeing his reaction. I could read the congratulations in his eyes without him saying a word.

I was blessed to have Dr. Doe as one of my professors and mentors.

— Kim Simons, Ph.D.
   BS Biochemistry ’94

Coming in to UD, I was planning on medical school, so Dr. Doe taught several of my courses, most notably genetics.

He was clear, humorous, and supportive. I remember discussing my doubts about my chances for admission to medical school, and he replied with equal parts sincerity and mischief, "They have to accept may as well be you." Ultimately, I decided on dentistry over medicine, and I was accepted to a number of schools. I attribute a lot of my success to Dr. Doe's "give-it-a-try" attitude.

— Kate Stanton, DDS
   BS ’04

Dr. Doe changed my life for the better and helped me grow from a med-school hopeful to a budding physician. I am forever grateful that he made me keep my toothpicks in!

— Amanda Nguyen
   BA Biology ’13

Your steady guidance to a young man who clearly couldn't keep his focus was essential in getting me through the courses that you taught me and those that followed in medical school.

Nothing I faced in classes in medical school on subjects where you had taught me was ever daunting. The roots of my successes now all come from the Department of biology of which you were such a pillar.

Thank you for all you shared with me, and all you taught me. I hope that I have served as a good example of your talents as a teacher.

— Dr. Juan S. Blanch Jr.

I will always be grateful for Dr. Doe's mentorship while I was studying at UD.

His words of encouragement and kindness drove me to work harder to achieve my goals.

— Dr. Paul Saleeb

When I was a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford, it was a particularly special opportunity to have Frank at the spot on the bench next to mine for a year when he was on sabbatical.

The friendship that we developed while I was at UD has served both of us incredibly well. We shaped each other’s careers, families and lives. It is the reason I tell prospective students to go where they feel like they are loved and wanted, because in that setting the education they receive will surely change their lives.

Frank Doe was my mentor, my colleague and my friend. 47 years after he promised me that he'd keep me busy doing genetics for as long as I wanted to do so, I'm still doing so. Frank always expected you to step up to the challenges you encountered and to make them your own.

— Dr. John F. Leslie

Dr. Doe is one of the most influential professors I had while I was at the University of Dallas.

Not only was he an exceptional teacher in conveying the material; he also taught with a sense of humor, and his wonderful personality and character have made him a professor beloved by hundreds of students.

— Jennifer Beumer Caroul

Dr. Doe literally gave me and many others an opportunity to find meaningful careers in science and health care.

I remember lots of s.pombe, microscopes, running gels, pipettes , and talk of Frank Sinatra music. I feel I have a real vocation in dermatological medicine and sincerely help others with the foundation of core values from UD and Dr Doe. He and Sr. Clo had faith in us (me), and I would not let them down.

— Dr. Pam (Benes) Butler

Dr. Frank Doe is an inspiration to us all not only in the content of his teaching,

his enthusiasm for the science, his patience with young minds and dedication to the educational community that is UD, and by way of his gentle yet exacting methodology ... all these things are true, but perhaps even more so for the light of unique and good that lives in his eyes (but one has to look close, those glasses are thick!).

— Dr. Keith A. Lepak

Dr. Doe is an amazing scholar, teacher, mentor, and friend.

His many, many years of service to the University of Dallas reflect the passion and commitment he brings to the education of his students. All of of us are better off for having had Dr. Doe's guiding influence during the very formative years of our young adult lives.

— Dr. Martin Fee

Dr. Doe was so sweet. He knew I had a terrible time in genetics with those darned fruit flies.

I think I nearly scared the whole lab when I screamed as they woke up from their anesthetic. Half of mine probably got flung across the room.   I still remember telling him years later how I did recall his teachings and answered a probability question at a hospital genetics patient review. So, it actually did sink in even though I barely passed the class!  Loved how he always supported my singing events and how he was so kind and encouraging with his teaching. He will be missed and I am honored to donate to such a well-deserved cause.

— Angela Brodrick Donahue

Dr. Doe is an exceptional teacher who took us on a journey to understand the underlying experimental evidence that supported the scientific facts that we were learning.

He was also interested in each and every student-even those of us who were not interested in medical school.  He told me to “forget about a master’s degree and get a PhD or else you will be washing someone else’s test tubes.”  I took his advice and never regretted it.

— Dr. Mary Ward

Because of Dr. Doe, I was able to breeze through Genetics in medical school, which was such a gift!

He is able to impart complex information in a way that is gentle and approachable, yet firm with high expectations so that students gain mastery of the material while enjoying the process. I've been further blessed by being on campus the past 15 yrs and collaborating with him in mentoring the next doubt he is a gold thread in my life's tapestry!    

— Dr. Laurette Dekat
   Student Health Services, Team Physician
   University of Dallas

The Class of '70 had very few Biology majors - maybe 3 at the most!  

We were Dr. Doe's first students at UD.  His Cellular and Molecular Biology class was my favorite.  Loved learning about all the activity in those little cells.  I cannot imagine how much more information there is now 49 years later. So glad he and Sister Clodovia built up the Biology department into the reputation it has today.

— Barbara (Britz) Coffey
   BA ’70

Dr. Doe: A friend to all and to all a friend.

Your support at a formidable age allowed me to become the person that I am and to achieve the successes that I have had. I’ll never forget you.

— Dr. Richard C. Naftalis
   BA’79, MBA’81

Dr. Doe, Your teaching inspired me and many other students.

Advising and helping all of us going to medical school can not have been easy, and your contributions to the lives of your many students are beyond measure. Thank you and best wishes in your retirement.

— Dr. Rachel Russo
   BS ’02

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