Honoring Dr. Doe

Honoring Dr. Doe

Beloved biology professor Dr. Frank Doe, one of the pillars of the University of Dallas, has just retired after a 47-year career.

Dr. Doe and Students

In many capacities, Dr. Doe has influenced the medical and science careers of hundreds of alumni. His roles have included teacher, biology department chairman (1984-2000), first dean of Constantin College (2002-2005), and pre-health professions adviser.

All of this, moreover, he has done with love for his students. “It’s been a fantastic job. That’s why I’ve stayed so long.”

“I stayed because of you guys,” Dr. Doe tells students and alumni. “It was a good choice. There’ve been some tough moments, but for the most part, it’s been very rewarding.”

Make Your Gift

To honor Dr. Doe for his extraordinary leadership, a group of grateful alumni have come together:

  • Dr. Donna Sue Dolle, BA ’89
  • Drs. Martin and Janis Fee, both BS ’84
  • Dr. Edwin and Mrs. Yolanda Jacobs, both BS ’81
  • Dr. Megan Smith, BA ’02
  • Andrea Tenner, BA ’72, Ph.D.,

These one-time students of Dr. Doe’s invite all of Dr. Doe’s former students, as well as the parents of these students and alumni, to join them in contributing to a campaign to recognize Dr. Doe on the UD campus.

To date, more than 100 alumni and parents have contributed nearly $150,000 toward the goal!

The campaign aims to celebrate Dr. Doe in the following ways:

The naming of two locations in Cardinal Farrell Hall, the new student services and administration building, especially fitting because Cardinal Farrell Hall is under construction on the very spot where Dr. Doe taught thousands of hours of biology in the former Lynch Auditorium:

2nd Floor Floorplan

Opportunity Amount
1  The Provost's Conference Room. $50,000
2  A classroom on the second floor.   Complete! $100,000
The renaming of Science Drive as “Clodovia-Doe Way” to honor both Dr. Doe and fellow UD Biology Department legend Sister Mary Clodovia Lockett.   Complete!  


Dr. Doe holding sign.

Join other biology and biochemistry alumni in expressing your appreciation for Dr. Frank Doe. Donate now to commemorate him for generations to come.

Donate Now

To maximize your gift you may pledge an amount to be given over the course of a year or up to five years. To set up a gift payment schedule, please visit: udallas.edu/give.

We are also collecting alumni memories of Dr. Frank Doe and Sister Clodovia Lockett! Please send a brief story or thank-you to: erossini@udallas.edu.