Rome Expansion & Renewal

Rome Expansion: Ways to Support

Rome begins as a dream, drawing to our university prospective students who might otherwise have gone elsewhere. It’s a legend, told by alumni and upperclassmen to freshmen. Professors will say, “As you’ll see in Rome…” Rome, in many ways, is taken for granted as an inherent part of the undergraduate UD experience.

Your gift will help keep it that way, but it will also open doors for further opportunities to enrich our Italian experience and presence, hosting pilgrimages and conferences, expanding the dream and the legend to a vaster part of the community and the world.

Student Facilities

Dorm wing: Five Apartments and Courtyard

Opportunity Gift Amount
New Dormitory Building $750,000  Generously Sponsored
New Courtyard (Cortile) $100,000  Generously Sponsored
Apartment #2 $50,000  Generously Sponsored
Apartment #3 $50,000
Apartment #4 $50,000
Apartment #5 $50,000
New Dormitory Terrace $25,000

Mensa Expansion: sala and patio - $250,000

Opportunity Gift Amount
New Mensa (Sala) $200,000
New Mensa Outdoor Grill $25,000
New Mensa Patio $25,000  Generously Sponsored

Athletics expansion: New Soccer Field, Tennis Court, Changing Room - $125,000

Opportunity Gift Amount
Soccer Field $50,000
Tennis Court $50,000
Changing Room $25,000