Rome Expansion & Renewal

Tradition & Transformation: Rome

When you talk to a University of Dallas student or alumnus, the Rome Program will almost always come up. From leather jackets bought in Florence to ancient plays performed in Greek amphitheaters to how the semester made the Core curriculum come to life, the recollections are both intensely personal and deeply rooted in group memory. It’s a program that solidifies UD’s uniqueness: no other university has a study-abroad program quite like our Rome semester.

Peter Hatlie“ Above all, the plan's goal is to guarantee that all future students, like the thousands who have gone before them over the last 50 years, will have an opportunity to ‎live their faith and study the UD Core in a home away from home that is perfect for these pursuits. ”- Peter Hatlie, Dean, Director & VP of Rome Program

For the 5,000 or so students and alumni who have participated in the Rome Program since 1994, the Eugene Constantin Campus has been an integral part of their experience; however, the program has outgrown the original buildings. The fundamental purpose of the Rome campus expansion is to enable more students to share in the transformational adventure of the Rome Program for years to come.