Rome Expansion & Renewal

Our Case for Support: The Need

Dorm Expansion

As UD’s undergraduate population grows, so does the need for space on the Eugene Constantin Campus. Currently, it is possible that students will be wait-listed or miss out on Rome altogether due simply to a lack of rooms and beds; faculty and staff, as well, face a shortage of living areas.

The dormitory annex will provide more space for students and rooms more appropriate for visiting adults who might not wish to sleep in bunk beds, such as when the campus hosts various groups during the summers. The mensa will grow to comfortably seat an additional 20 people. In short, this Rome expansion will better accommodate the needs of future students, faculty and staff and therefore ensure the future of the program and its place in UD culture and memory.

Reconfiguring Recreation

The Eugene Constantin Campus tennis court and soccer field are impractically located directly in the midst of villa, mensa and dormitory; also, the tennis court is in dire need of repair. For the mensa expansion to occur, these facilities must be relocated to a much more sensible, currently under-utilized spot in the lower part of the vineyard.

The resulting soccer field and tennis court will be a significant improvement on those currently available, providing students with enhanced options for practice and recreation during their time on campus.

Using Energy Efficiently

The majority of campus derives its heat and hot water from a diesel-oil furnace that is now nearly a quarter-century old. Newer, more energy-efficient methods will heat the campus more effectively and at a lower cost — not to mention that the removal of the large, aging furnace will free up space for either more classrooms or a small indoor gym.

Furthermore, there is currently no dry storage area on campus for items such as books, furniture, linens and other items easily damaged by humidity; storage space must therefore be leased off campus. This project will include just such a storage area.