Rome Expansion & Renewal

Project Overview: Sharing the Magic

The Rome campus will expand, but with tradition fully intact. Vincenzo Vannini, UD Rome’s longstanding architect, will design the new buildings in a style harmonious with existing structures. The existing buildings will remain virtually untouched. The dormitory and mensa annexes will not change the look of campus in any substantial way. While the vineyard will be slightly smaller, the main portion of it will not be affected.

The Rome campus, perhaps best known and most often referred to as “Due Santi,” will remain the cherished “home in Rome” that Rome Program alumni visit so often in their memories. The expansion of campus buildings will simply allow the program to share its magic with an even greater number of future students and visitors.

Rome Expansion Facts

Dormitory A new wing with additional student rooms.*
Mensa An annex with 20 more seats, along with more kitchen and service areas.
Athletic Facilities Relocation of current soccer field and tennis court to the vineyard
Storage Creation of two underground areas under the villa and dorm annexes
Plant Improvements Replacement of diesel-oil heating and hot-water units in the original dormitory building

*The expansion project as a whole will allow the campus to accommodate the growing class sizes for years to come.