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Rome Expansion & Renewal

How Your Gift Will Help

Rome begins as a dream, drawing to our university prospective students who might otherwise have gone elsewhere. It’s a legend, told by alumni and upperclassmen to freshmen. Professors will say, “As you’ll see in Rome…” Rome, in many ways, is taken for granted as an inherent part of the undergraduate UD experience. Your gift will help keep it that way, but it will also open doors for further opportunities to enrich our Italian experience and presence, hosting pilgrimages and conferences, expanding the dream and the legend to a vaster part of the community and the world.


From the moment they step off the bus that collected them from the airport, jet-lagged and desperately excited, to the time they head home in the dawn of that last morning, smelling of smoke from late-night bonfires and revels, looking a little worse for the wear — with disintegrating shoes, luggage much more efficiently packed than when they arrived, laden down with souvenirs and stories, exhausted and exhilarated — the Eugene Constantin Campus is their home.

They leave this home to return to the other, the original one, which they certainly miss — but part of Due Santi will stay with them always, part and parcel of their journey toward becoming the men and women they will be. They won’t fully realize until years later how much all of their Rome semester experiences became a part of and shaped them. How much older they became in four months, how much more citizens of the world. It is an integral part of the UD undergraduate experience, and one in which, with your help, the majority of UD undergraduates will be able to participate for a long time to come.