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Fielding the Future

Sponsor UD's Soccer Fields

When it comes to sports, playing fields are more than simply fields, more than the practices held and the games played on them. These spaces embody the camaraderie that comes from being part of a team and all of its supporters, in addition to extending students' education beyond the academic classroom to nurture both body and soul..

Soccer Kick

In keeping with the dream of fields such as these, and of such a community to rally around and on them, UD has signed a partnership agreement with Solar Soccer, creating upgrades to UD’s existing facilities, including:

  • lights on both the match and practice fields
  • irrigation on the match field
  • more seating In exchange for Solar’s investment in UD, they will have use of the soccer fields on UD’s campus for 10 years.

Take Advantage of Opportunity

As a result, each week UD’s fields will be used by more than 400 total players aged 11-18 years, hailing from:

  • U.S. Soccer’s Girls’ and Boys' Development Academies
  • Frontier Development League
  • Boys’ Elite Clubs National League

Especially in the cases of the younger players, their parents will accompany them.

In short, these practices bring the local and regional soccer community to our campus, not only introducing them to UD but also showcasing our sponsors and partners.

Your name and logo could be on display for all who attend these practices, perhaps 1,000 people weekly. A-frame signs will be placed on both the match and practice fields year-round. Sponsorship is renewed annually.

Be Part of a Growing Tradition

These fields represent the community and the culture that emerge both from those who play and those who watch and uphold them in that play, seeding and nurturing the memories that take root and the tradition that grows. Be a part of this tradition. Sponsor UD’s soccer fields.

Soccer Huddle

Benefits of Sponsorship

  • Signage will be placed year-round on both the match and practice fields.
  • Signs are durable and multifunctional, with a design that provides a safe barrier for out-of-bounds balls and players along with advertising.
  • You can easily revise, replace or expand your signs as necessary.
  • The signs' modular design allows for convenient installation and storage for long-term use.
  • Your brand or cause receives low-cost, long-term advertising with no major effort on your part.