Soccer Enhancements

Our Case for Support: The Need

The men’s program began in 1967, the women’s in 1995, and through the years one major truth manifests itself: it takes a certain type of person to play soccer at the University of Dallas.

Soccer Ball and Foot

The tradition begins there: in the continuity from generation to generation of student-athlete, in the similar characters of the students who are attracted specifically to this school and this sport.

A Field for the People

These generations of UD soccer players share another bond: persistence in spite of a field that does not always make their games straightforward, with rolls and dips that lead to occasional injury and corners that slope too much. When they need a break, there are not enough seats to accommodate the roster, and if they seek support from friends and fans, no spectator seating is available. Those unable to navigate a hill on the field’s eastern side must watch games from the edge of the street or in between hedges.

Your support of soccer enhancements will help regrade the field, creating a level area for play; build ample seating; and provide covered team benches with space for both home and visiting coaches and players to gather.

A Field for the Students

UD teams compete in the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) Division III. With shorter seasons and regional competitions that minimize travel, Division III athletes do not receive scholarships to play, doing so simply for the love of the game while making academic endeavors their primary concern. Current soccer facilities, however, do not quite meet the standards that easily enable this closer-to-school experience.

Your support will help resize the field to the international and NCAA regulation size, enabling UD to host NCAA, Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference (SCAC) and Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPPS) tournaments. Your gift will also provide lights for nighttime play and evening practices, resulting in fewer classes missed and less risk in the Texas heat.

Missed Opportunities for Exposure

In the past, lesser-known international teams have used the field for training. However, other more renowned teams who might have used it opted to go elsewhere upon discovering the field’s lack of lights.

With your support, lights and all else entailed by a new field would become reality; these teams would then be able to make use of UD’s facilities, giving our soccer players opportunities to observe and interact with world-class athletes. Additionally, a high potential for hosting high school playoff, U.S. Soccer Federation Development Academy and semi-pro games would exist, bringing the local and regional soccer community to our campus and introducing them to UD.