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Soccer Enhancements

Project Overview: Creating the Nation's Best D3 Field

In enhancing our campus so that it better reflects the distinction of both the educational endeavors and the community found here, an improved soccer field is indicated. The new field will be capable of hosting tournaments as well as visiting international teams who may need a place to practice; it will also be able to accommodate a crowd of spectators in addition to players and coaches, thereby building and promoting the soccer programs, UD Athletics in general, sportsmanship and fellowship.

Field Dimensions

Soccer Enhancements


Dimensions - 250 x 385 feet (international and NCAA regulation); allows for hosting high school and college games

Grade - no less than 1% from middle to outside edges of field

Stands (Phase II)

Uncovered bleacher-style seating

Covered team benches


4-pole design; poles located between the penalty line and the goal line

Pole placement and aiming angles designed to minimize glare for players and spectators

Landscaping Upgraded surrounding plantings