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Soccer Enhancements

How Your Support Will Help

With a mission to nourish the whole person — mind, soul and body — the university must support students’ athletic endeavors and the contribution of these endeavors to this whole person. Like a new building, a new field is more than that: more than the practices held and the games played there, more than the accumulation of the wins and losses, the close calls and the sometimes hurts and the joys of triumphs. It’s the laughter and inside jokes and camaraderie that come from being part of a team and all of those who support that team. It’s the community and the culture that emerge both from those who play and those who watch and uphold them in that play. It’s the memories that take root and the tradition that grows, until it feels like it always must have existed.

Crusader Soccer

Because of your support, students, faculty and staff of the future will take for granted their admirable field, going over one afternoon to watch the Argentinian team practice or another to check how high school playoffs are coming along; families of faculty and staff, along with alumni and students, gathering on weekend nights to support their Crusaders. For them, it will always have been part of their tradition, just as much as Lit Trad and Charity Week, Groundhog and rugby. When they talk about “the whole person,” the entire UD community will have a heightened comprehension of what that means.