Archives and History

History and Archives Office

The History and Archives Office serves as both a mini-museum and archive. Collections of papers, photographs, and audio-visual materials pertaining to the University are available for in-person research.  While regular hours are maintained they change from semester to semester. Please write or call for an appointment.


The personal Council papers of Bishop Thomas K. Gorman, founding Bishop of The University, who was a participant at Vatican II.

Scholarly papers of Enrique Nardoni (1924-2002), Professor of Theology, internationally-known scripture scholar, editor of the International Bible Commentary.

Writings of Donald A. Cowan, Professor of Physics and President of the University of Dallas, 1962-1977. Also his research notes, family papers, and presidential papers.

Class notes, lectures, correspondence of Louise  S.Cowan, Distinguished Professor of Literature,  and former Graduate Dean, Chair of English.

Papers, including original research documents for his books on Texas and American History of the late History professor, June R. Welch.

Articles in the original languages, The Editio Princeps, included in the International Catholic Biblical Commentary, and correspondence with its editor and scripture scholar, William Farmer.

Complete set of University of Dallas catalogs, yearbooks, and handbooks, annual reports, University News (under its various names and styles, e.g., The Shield, Outgribe.)

Complete set of University alumni magazine, Tower, and newsletters to donors and alumni.

Complete set of Constantin Scholar/University Scholar, Braniff Graduate School Liberal Arts journals.


Dragonflies, Psychology journals, and other publications of other academic departments.

Complete set of Commencement Programs and related events, e.g., Senior Convocation.

Virtually complete set of minutes of meetings of the Board of Trustees.

Virtually complete set of minutes of Standing Committees of the University.

Documents, including photos and bulletins, from the first University of Dallas, 1910-1928.

Photographs, negatives, and slides since beginning of the University of Dallas including building campaign. Need cataloging and identification in many cases.

Recipes, furniture, photos, awards of distinguished chef, Helen Corbitt.

Papers of Bishops of Diocese of Dallas pertaining to the University of Dallas.

Newspaper clippings on University from 1954 to present; copied to CD for research through the 1970s. Project continuing.

Lectures, papers, brochures, tapes, photos, McDermott Lectureship. 1974 to present. On-going project of conversion of AV material to useable and protected form.

Tom and Bess Braniff papers and documents including photos and awards.

Constantin Family documents.

Blakley papers and documents including photos of Blakley Day and Braniff Graduate Building groundbreaking, and scrapbook honoring Senator  William Blakley.

Maher Family documents.

Caroline Gordon, novelist, critic, director of Creative Writing M.A. program. A box of letters, writings.

Recent video interviews with about fifteen early professors/founders, e.g., Beatrice Haggerty, Ben and Betty Carpenter, Warren Pulich,Robert Sasseen, Robert Lynch, Hazel Cazorla.On-going project as time and resources permit. Are on CD.DVD.professor kendall

Audio/Visual Collection of many lectures, events, slowly being converted and preserved as time and funds permit.

Collection of Art Exhibition invitations and catalogs, both undergraduate and graduate, and Gallery exhibits.

Collection of Drama Playbills and photographs.

Braniff Graduate School publications and papers of graduate committees and Deans.

Graduate School of Management and College of Business collection.