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Stephanie Janysek

Just Breathe

Stephanie Janysek, Senior Art Thesis Exhibition

Welcome to Stephanie Janysek's online showcase.

Artist Statement 

There are certain times when we need to remind ourselves to take a moment to breathe. Life may sometimes get in the way of our awareness and cause us to forget how to breathe. Maybe not physically but mentally. A breath of air is a simple reminder that we are alive. I use the dandelion to represent such. When airborne, the dandelion’s pappus is referencing that breath of air.

Breathing is also something we may take for granted at times. Although it is a natural action that we carry out daily, taking that breath may not come as easily to some. I hold the dandelion close to my heart and use it to represent my sister, Amanda. She was born with Cystic Fibrosis, which causes her difficulty breathing at times. Even during those tough times, she manages to find that breath of fresh air. For me, she is that breath of fresh air. She is my inspiration.

About the Artist

Stephanie Janysek has completed her Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art Ceramics with the Univeristy of Dallas. In the Fall of 2020, Stephanie will be attending the University of California Los Angeles to pursue a Masters in Interior Design.

Since beginning her work with clay in 2017, Stephanie has narrowed her focus to functional ware. Her body of work consists of tableware items where both function and design play hand in hand.

Due to the breakout of COVID 19, Stephanie has had to continue her studio practice from home. Because she was unable to pack and take her potters wheel, Stephanie decided to work with a new medium… paper! In the works within the pages prior, she uses paper to represent certain aspects of clay that she was exploring while wheel throwing. Characteristics such as form, surface design, and technique played a role in making her ceramic tableware and Stephanie chooses to carry these into her paper forms, as she considers edges, lines, and pattern. You can follow Stephanie's ceramic jouney on her Instagram page @sjanysek_ceramics.


For all the images in the exhibition visit here. 




July 1991







July 1991


paper, tape, encaustic wax, enamel, 36" x 60"
















July 2017


paper, tape, encaustic wax, enamel 48'' x 60''  







February 2020


paper, tape, encaustic wax, enamel 144'' x 96''


detail 2020














February 2020 (detail)


paper, tape, encaustic wax, enamel 144'' x 96''
















 Dandelion Plates (almost finished)



 For all the images in the exhibition Just Breathe visit here.