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Student Participants


Requirements for participation

  • Application
  • Participation in community-building aspects of the program
  • Commitment to mission, not just the destination                                 
  • Biweekly faith formation meetings in the fall and spring
  • Attendance at a day retreat before the mission
  • Participation in fundraising activities          

ASB alumna Sr. Mary Gretchen (Megan Hoffman) reflects on making time for ASB 

The term spring break often evokes memories of once in a life-time experiences with family or friends, or simply a time to be away from the usual routine and to relax. The Alternative Spring Break program at the University of Dallas is all of the above and more. The experience is definitely one that is unique and will burn lasting impressions on your memory. In fact, the experience never ends, for participants often take the lessons they learn with them, and bring those lessons back to their daily lives. Although one could go on and on about how wonderful the experience is, many people still have concerns about not having time to raise the money and go on the trips because of a busy schedule. Although ASB does require a good amount of time, it is easy to fit an hour or two into your schedule here and there for meetings and fundraisers for one week of your life that will be extremely well spent. My freshman year I initially had reservations about going on the trip because I was still new to the idea of being away from home. The decision I made to go on the trip is something I will never regret, and the once-in-a-lifetime experience I had with others from school and with the people of Ecuador, can never be replaced.

One of my biggest concerns while considering ASB was whether or not I had the time to commit to the program. I played volleyball, was involved in several activities on campus, and had a fairly demanding class schedule, but with a little rearranging every now and then I was able to make the meetings and raise the required amount of funds in order to go on the trips. When one makes the commitment to ASB, time is not an issue and every moment spent with other ASB participants is completely worthwhile. Each trip may in itself only last one week, but the memories and values you take from that week last a lifetime (and that's the truth).

--Sr. Mary Gretchen Hoffman
Class of 2003, ASB participant 2000, 2002